As we all know, the Ottomans had the worst economy in the game (the early economy depended on tps and oceans, but the Ottomans’ Navy was not the strongest, tcboom needed a lot of wood, and the Ottomans had difficulty in getting enough wood, and the Ottomans’ military was very weak in the process of exploding TC), and they had obvious disadvantages in arms (they could not cope with the guerrilla dragoons) In fact, the economy of the Ottomans made it difficult for them to have large archers unable to deal with powerful Hussars before having large-scale of brs. In fact, the economy of the Ottomans makes it difficult for them to have large-scale of brs). Compared with other countries, I think the Ottomans need to be buffed!

This is a late April fools joke right?


OK you wanna make ottos OP ?


I mean their boom is OK they just need age3 and a 2nd town center to kick start it.

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just a little buff can be ok.such as minus the population of abus to 1.

1st of all, nice april fools joke.

Otto is clearly A tier and for all it matters its for me perfectly balanced.

It has a great early game which slows down in fortress but then has a consistent okay late game (provided you get all the cards)

You can even revolt to egypt to get a Flow of Nizam which is just incredible (i rarely go imperial because of this)

Also its só flexible (not as much as japan) but you Can Jan Rush, Abus Rush, Hussar Rush, FF, Boom, water Boom, FI… So MANY options (although you need diferent decks… Unlike japan where you Can have the same deck for 4 different strats)

This is not a little buff but a huge buff. Without the 2 vil pop space i could save almost 2 wood shipments to go full Abus on any Rush and pressure even further.