Ottoman Artillery Model Update

Hey, did anyone notice that with the new update, the Ottoman grand bombard/imperial bombard has new models? Not the cannon, but the cannoneers, the artillery crew! They’re no longer Napoleonic soldiers and instead have traditional Ottoman robes and turbans. That’s a HUGE deal to me and I am shocked it was not mentioned in any patch notes anywhere!

But then again, when they released the US, no one mentioned that China can now train Uhlans from their fort for SOME RANDOM REASON.


Yes! These are great minor updates that make the game more polished. I also noticed since some update (I cannot locate which one) units with bayonets got a new melee animation, which didn’t exist in legacy (where they swing the musket like skirmishers). Now I hope the Royal Guard units can have unique skins as well.

For the Uhlan thing, that seems more likely an oversight rather than a true hidden update.
- To make a unit trainable in a building, you need (1) the civ to have access to the unit (2) the unit to be trainable in that building.
- China have access to “consulate uhlans” (but before the US DLC update, this unit is only trainable in consulates)
- The US DLC made “consulate uhlans” trainable in forts.
- Now that “consulate uhlans” can be trained in forts and China have access to this unit (and do not really have a pre-requisite like the US), China can train consulate uhlans in their forts.
That’s basically what happened (not entirely accurate).

The reason why it did not happen to other Asian civs and other units is because (1) the civ does not have forts and/or (2) the civ cannot train that unit.


But if anything, the Uhlans from the fort are wrong, the fort comes from Russian allies, thus, they should have Cossacks instead and THAT actually would be useful! Imagine Cossacks, riding with Keshiks and then Steppe Riders coming in, they’d be a better combo than Cossack-Oprinick-Cavalry Archer.

I would love to actually see unique skins for the royal guard units but I think EVERY civ should have royal guard units. Like, what if the Chinese Meteor Hammer upgraded to Manchu Qishi (cavalier in Chinese), or if the Iron Flail got one was upgraded to “Brigandine Cavalry”, just to give them a name. I think the Aztecs should also have one, specifically Tlaloani Guard, the Skull Knights should get one more, since they were historically the warriors who personally served the Aztec emperor (Tlaloani). Or the Indians, their cavalry archer should upgrade to Mughal Archer, and the Ethiopians could get Dejazmach Elites, either give it to the gascenya or neftenyas. Dejazmach is the grand general of the Ethiopian Empire, appointed by the emperor and answering only to him, more or less prime minister too.

However, I doubt any of these will happen. I’ve been waiting since November 2020 for an arsenal for China and India but instead the Hausa and Ethiopia got them lol.