Ottoman Build Order for 1v1 ranked

Whats the best build order for the Ottoman in a 1v1 ranked match? Anyone? Any tips?

Interested too. Played them in team games and some 1v1 and can’t get them to work, I feel like I spend too many resources in units that doesn’t work well.

I felt like get to feudal and start massing sipahi and raid is one of the best feudal starts.

But I can’t imagine which feudal landmark is better.

bro with ottomans you need to put early pressure that can be early mlitary school or aging up normally,building 2 stables and creating lots of sipahi and start raiding the oppenent.Defensive maps are the biggest enemy of ottomans since they dont have good economic advantages the other civs have and the time passes they build up more so in defensive maps like hideout i recomend you to go normal age up without military school and go for fast second tc and keep building military schools after that,both starting landmarks are very good choose the one you most like