Ottoman Changes

Here’s how to make small non-game-breaking changes to a civ that needs it desperately:

Early game:

  • Increase XP from mosque to .85xp/second.
  • Reduce wood cost of mosque upgrades: 50w (same), 100w, 250w.
  • Move Improved Buildings back to Age I; if not, move to Age III. It’s almost obsolete as it is now in Age IV.

Changes to the Janissary rush or any early push attempt will be negligible.

Mid/Late Game:

  • Abus Gun - Reduce base attack to 36, reduce rate of fire to 3, increase multiplier to light cav to 1.75x.
  • Abus Gun - Reduce training time by 2 seconds.
    Abus will still be expensive, retain their extra-vulnerability to cav, and be horrible against villagers and buildings
  • Acemi Oglan School (IV Card) - Also reduce Jan training Time by 10%, + 5% HP, + 5% Attack + 5% Speed
  • Irregulars (IV Card) Also add + 10% HP and + 10% attack to Cavalry Archers

And that’s how it’s done.


Not sure about the early game buffs, but yeah, late game seems ok.


The early game buff is so slight it’s laughable - it’s just there to assist with timings by a second or two at most.

Mid-game is where the other mosque upgrades would be gotten and even then it’s not much.

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