Ottoman training speed

so in imperial age ottomans trains units %40 faster in influence aura normal civs tarin %33 faster with tech but when i look to the creation times they are same for example man at arms get created at the same time i dont know if this intentional but numbers dont seems right only diffrence is spearman,archer created 1 second faster so there is some thing wrong there man at arms and crossbows needs to be created 1 second faster(normal ones need to be created one second late)

Hey @KnowingLamb8370! I did a very quick test (very quick), so definitely correct me if I’m wrong, but I am seeing definite decreases in production time. Next time you see this, please do note down what you are seeing and what you think you should be seeing so we can take a look. Thanks!

at imperial age ottomans man at arms,crossbow and horseman production correct but the other civs get %33 train speed bonus when i do the math it should be need to 17 but in game it is 16

Thanks! I got it. I’m not sure of the exact values, but I’ll have someone take a look. Appreciate it @KnowingLamb8370.