Ottomans are in Desparate Need of a Buff

I’ve been sharing some insights in other threads, but I think it’s time for a separate thread to discuss all the issues with the ottoman civ.

The ottomans are such a difficult, micro intensive civ to play. Look at the stats, it’s driving players into lower elo’s because of how difficult it is to play:

So what’s wrong?

  • Their best unit, Sipahi, are difficult to get and locked behind shipments.
  • Their villagers train automatically, but what about fishing boats?
  • Abus guns fire a mini cannon, but no aoe damage?
  • Azaps do less damage than other musketeers
  • Great bombards should have more hp than heavy artillery (they are great, after all)
  • Ottoman barracks cost the same as other barracks but only train 2 units
  • Ottomans are forced to build a mosque

I’m sure you can list other problems, but what should we do to bring them up to a competitive level? How can we expect Ottoman players to compete with other players when the civ requires such difficult, apm intensive specialized strategies to execute properly?


Ottomans truly in desperate need of a bluff, I agreed greatly :disguised_face:
We can also pull player from aoe2 while doing so, and the best way is by making them much more extra similar with AoE2 Turks.


Imagine this extra bonus for Ottomans:

  • Gunpowder unit (including cannons) have +25% HP and trained 25% faster
  • Artillery card. +2 Range to all cannon, ship, tower, fort, and unit carrying cannon. Since Imperial age in that game is like age1 or age2 in here, so the Card should be in age1 or age2.
  • Free Deli upgrades at each age (hurray!), and they also have extra range resist!
  • faster gold mining should combo well with their free training settler
  • The free chemistry and cheaper gunpowder tech is counterproductive, just make their arsenal tech free

nothing wrong can happen


You really outdid yourself with this one😂


If you look at the health of Janissaries you’ll quickly realize they’re really jacked. They have to be to have that much health. But I don’t think they’d skip leg-day! They should probably have 5 speed.


Genius tier game design, they should hire you to do the balancing


How is any of that wrong?

  • Sipahi might be a bit unaccessable but that’s by design.
  • How is that a problem?, they don’t have a build limit on docks and they make fishing ships like everyone else
  • Abus Guns are their skirmisher, if you want AOE infantry they have Humbachi or whatever they’re called
  • Azaps are there as cheap infantry, effectively taking the role of Pikemen with ranged anti-goon ability since Abus guns are expensive and Ottoman don’t have Crossbowmen
  • Big whoop,
  • Not a big deal at any rate 2 is still twice as much as 1 which they had before.
  • So? It’s still a good idea to make a church for other civs but Ottoman gets theirs early

This whole thread is sarcasm


Since otto artillery has longer LOS than other civs, it would only make sense for them to get longer range to match


Excellent point. If anything it’s just another confusing mechanic that makes ottomans more difficult to play, and increasing their unit’s range would definitely help with that.

Also, since you can’t actually train villagers doesn’t it make sense for them to respawn when killed, like the african explorers?


Oh, and give Bombards melee armor :ok_hand:


You didn’t take into count that culverin could destroy them? Give them siege armor too, 75% melee, ranged, siege resist should suffice before we start tweaking from there


Why stop at getting longer range? Terran Siege Tank can even fire outside their sight range :disguised_face:

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I also feel like water, on top of free spawning ships idea, would still suffer. Otto merely has only 1 unique unit plus battleship, needs a complete overhaul. we need a better fluyt, better xebec, and naturally always have access to battleship for otto to have a chance vs a fully boomed malta/port/aztec water player and ensure its always cost effective for otto to regain/keep water. I’m also thinking giving otto a fixed gun to help them win sea duels as well. I dont see enough ottoman players open water, and that must mean its bad because players of otto are always the best. So buffs for water


I’ve always thought that Great Bombards look like Steam Locomotives, so the devs could add a mechanic to transport them quickly along a Trade Route railway.

(speaking a little more seriously)
I think the Ottoman politicians look not-very-Ottoman, with the exception of “The Imam” and “The Grand Vizier”, so the devs could replace most of the normal politicians with Ottoman politicians: Agha, Bey, Bostanji, Emir, Kalfa, Padishah, Pasha, Rais, Reis, Shah, Sultan, Usta, etc.
(This is not a necessity, but it would be fun)

Category:Ottoman titles - Wikipedia

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we have to include great bombards here too, since you cant train them either


They should really get a free one with every age 4 shipment. Maybe even every age 3 shipment.


Why not include great bombards in the foundry? And/or allow villagers to build unlimited factories. Would also be neat if the great bombard ammo type can be switched out during the game. Like, swapping out cannon balls for capybaras. Shouldn’t be too hard to implement given that variant is already in the game.


I want trainable spahis from age 2 in the stables.


All military production buildings should train units automatically


Jokes aside, Ottomans are not broken in general terms. The obus could be considered somewhat broken in age 2, and the ulufelis that can destroy bases ignoring cavalry attacks.