Ottoman's Fortress Age mercenaries

In Fortress Age Ottomans now have a lot of land mercenaries available:

Apart from Manchu and Berber Camel Rider (which are light cavalry) all of the rest are heavy melee cavalry. I think it doesn’t have much sense to have 4 different very expensive mercenaries which are the same type. And of course Spahi as a fifth powerful, paid cavalry unit.

I think it would be nice to diversify it more :slight_smile:

As an example Russian’s set of mercenaries:

  • 2 types of ranged cavalry (Manchu + Harqiebusier)
  • 2 types of ranged heavy infantry (Highlander + Giant Grenadiers)
  • 1 type of melee cavalry (Phanar)
  • 1 type of light Infantry (Pandours)
  • 1 type of melee heavy infantry (Nutka)

I’m not asking to buff Ottomans or nerf them. Just ot switch some of their heavy cavalry Age III mercenaries to other types of mercenaries to have more options (possibly to heavy infantry and/or light infantry).


Deberian cambiar stradiots y bosniaks, y agregar corsair marksman.

Aunque los otomanos ya son muy poderosos y tienen el cupo de cards de edad 3 muy completo.

Just think it as an Otto gimmick: Their mercs are basically cav.

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Imagine being russia and you mess up and let them get to fortress and they ship bosniaks, stradiots, mamelukes and spahi.

The grass is greener on the other side, as russians you want pop efficient skirmisher auxiliaries so you can use your remaining pop for cavalry instead of wasting it all on strelsy.

You can’t fit all of them in 1v1 deck anyway…and you dont have the coin to pay for them. So just,pick 1, and add spahi, that’s it

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They went for the options that seem most historically accurate.

Don’t know why Ottomans get Manchu. But the rest are just mercenaries from regions of the ottoman empire I guess

Look at Spain’s fortress merc shipments:
pistoleers, Highlanders, swisspikemen, all fulfill the same role.
Even less diversity, bring back stradiots for Spain!
9 habsburgs super meh.

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A Pandours shipment would have been great for Spain.

I don’t disagree with you, I just wanna bring attention to how even less variety Asians civs have in the mercs department. Posting Age III ones but it also extents to IV, they don’t even get infinite mercs then like the rest



I think it wouldn’t hurt to give them some highlanders, cause you know, Brits had a big influence in Asia. India could get some jat lancers as well.


A few more mercenaries for China would be nice even if civilization is fine like this.

With ottomans now you can abuse all those btw very good cavalry expeditions and win by sending those as they do with Germans which annoys me this thing and spies are not that good at countering them I have to invest the card to make them good .

Asian civs have no merc upgrade late game. So merc dont scale well. It is better to just use their own units.

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Hmm, on the other hand Asian civs have access to additional, stronger units from Consulate. I think this is the reason why they don’t have a lot of mercenaries in the deck.

You are correct.

Which is another problem as well, despite being designed originally in TAD as a civ with the same access to mercs as Europeans (I say this to separate from Native civs originally), they were left behind in DE when they weren’t included in the mercenary rework: Aaccess to imperial mercs, ensured access to 2 mercs behind a mechanic (could be a card instead of Age up) Age IV infinite mercenaries and cards that mostly do not impact mercenaries or outlaws by extension. Add variety to that list now.