Ottomans Historically Had Culverins and Called Them

Culverins are mentioned in Ottoman records countless of times with the names “kolunburna, kolumburna, kolomburina, kolumburina, kolunburin and kolunburuna”


Georgetown University Ottoman history expert Gabor Agoston has many works regarding Ottoman artillery. From one of his books I could find on internet at the moment :

Also it is worth mentioning Ottomans had culverins in AoE3, rightfully so.


It’s also worth mentioning (again) that AoE III is set in a different time period to AoE IV.


don’t usually agree with gorb but in cases like this, can’t argue the truth, suleiman the magnificent was very much a colonial era personality, which is where this army comp is also from, hence why it matches aoe3 and not 4, which is set well before that era

Nearly every civs had culverin in history, it’s not related to history anyway. If a civ has no culverin in the game, it’s mostly because of balance reason.


Then why is their 4th age wonder Takiyuddin observatory ? It was built in 1575, 9 years after Suleiman died. 49 years after the Battle of Mohacs, the picture.

Also that was the image I could find, how did you come into the conclusion that it was Suleimans era they started using culverins ?

Ottomans were heavily integrated into European warfare up until a certain century. They had everything Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, German had.


You’re so idiot to understand what is game and what is game mechanic. Showing historical documents to prove your idea is a proof of your ignorance. So if it’s in history it has to be in the game right? Do you think culverin is the only missing unit. I can list you 50 more with documents so you can create 50 more topics with them.


The entire community is talking about how Ottomans are responseless to culverins.

Culverin is a generic unit in the game that is shared by a number of civs and Ottomans who were known for the diversity of their artillery arsenal from the smallest calibre of cannons to giant Dardanelles gun are not given culverins simply because of a very stupid logic “they already have a unique cannon of their own, GB” which doesnt even fulfill the same duty and it is ####### them up, up the ### and they are completely responseless to them.

Neither balance wise nor design wise nor in any wise does it make sense yet you still have the nerve to stand behind such a poor judgement by the devs hands !


Why abbasids have culverins but Ottomans dont?


:slight_smile: No, just you are.

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I have been watching streams from Kasva, DeMuslim, Beastyqt, Szalamii11 and Fitzbro from twitch and also Aussie Drongo videos.

Entire chats in twitch cried in pain soooo many times seeing Ottoman inability to advance in a siege in imperial age. They just simply cannot hold onto a siege equipment no matter what the hell they do !


And Handgunners from dark age with Photon man dps and drummers that make enemy units converted to white and an age 2 bombards that have aoe and dps of a nuclear bomb…

Am I on to something vin?

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He is a bit too much excited for a shit game but your sarcasm is also misplaced since he is right on culverins and horse archers, Ottos are not the number one in neither but regardless they must have them.

Historically, the Chinese were not the only civ with the ability to collect taxes, the Abbasid’s were not the only ones with spears long enough to go over the front lines and Composite Bows. Basically, everyone had all the technologies. But in a game, you can’t just give every technology to every civ. The Ottomans already have Ribauldequins. If you give them Culverins and Horse Archers, why not give the Ottomans everything?

Maybe there is a case to take away Ribauldequins and give them Culverins instead, but at this point, I think some people just want the Ottomans to have everything.


I think the real reason is that it seems each civ always has a maximum of 5 units per siege workshop per balance, usually 2 units of which are cannons. It also allows people to use the Spingard more to counter enemy artillery, especially the English.

The only exception is Franks, whose 4th age Landmark can produce Royal Culverins.

I guess they preferred to give the Ottomans the ribadouquin over the culverine because they felt the giant cannon had enough range to cover their role as well, with the springald being the cheap option.

MAYBE: Maybe they could give the Ottomans some vizier points so they can develop culverines, or swap ribadoquin for culverines, and have ribadoquin unlock with vizir point.

MAYBE2: They could also have the Mehmed Imperial Armory produce Imperial culverines for free, as the French Collegue of Artillery do too.

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I share the same doubt with you on the balance perspective but these suggestions are exactly what I would like to see for the design.


I do also wonder though if they thought Culverins would be too strong with the bonuses from Siege Crews and Mehter combined.

Honestly, I’m not bothered by the fact that Ottomans have the Organ Gun rather than the Culverin. In fact, I’ve seen games where the Ottomans use something similar to the Organ Gun.

I love the organ gun, it is just tricky to make it work if the enemy has many ranged units.

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Having everything isnt a balance changer nor bad gameplay wise. After all you still make units by paying for them.

In every game there is a civ/faction that relies on diversity. Ottomans greatest success is deemed by historians their enthusiasm to constantly adopt new military technologies and integrate them into their combined arms approach(until stagnation period ofc). They learnt wagenburg in battle of varna and adopted it instantly, they became a navy power from a nomadic tribe and in a century they had monopoly of Eastern Mediterranian Sea.

Ottomans military doctrine was combined arms approach. They were the geopolitical successors of Eastern Roman Empire. They were in contact with Mediterranian powers, Central European powers, Russia, Iran and they themselves started off with central asian roots.

In vanilla AoE3, Ottomans were the civ with most unique units. They were the civ with the most artillery diversity as well:


Even here the lack of organ gun(English name for Ribaldequin) was wrong. Ottomans actually clinged onto organ guns more than others after other powers felt their job in battlefield was obsolete.
Though unlike how it is depicted in the game (European style where barrels are next to each other), Ottomans had 8 barrels surrounding a 9th bigger one. Early 16th century:

Empire Total War:

Organ Gun | Empire - Total War | Fandom.

Ottomans gimmick is artillery foundry. Was so in Aoe2 and 3. Should be so in 4 as well.

Their other gimmick was being the only cavalry heavy army of Europe, with horse archers. Though they suffered a lot from that after military revolution in Europe during 30 years war. Tercio formation, pike and shot doctrines made sipahi obsalete.


Culverins are actually too “early” for AOE3’s time period. It is more of a 15-16 century thing and fell out of use later. It fits more to the “late game” of AOE4 where it was almost the standard artillery piece historically.

But its in-game role as an anti-artillery artillery that is bad against anything else is a pure “game design tradition” and has nothing to do with history.

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