Ottomans Needs Urgent Rework!

Bro, believe me, those who made the landmarks of Age of 4 can make Sultanhan, Double Minaret Madrassa, Mehmed Armoury very, very well. If they didn’t have the talent, I would say that they didn’t have the talent, but those who made these landmarks are talented people. When I play with other civilisations in the game, sometimes I pause the game and look at the landmarks for a long time with amazement. The pleasure of Age of 4 in this respect is very different for me. For this reason, when I play with the Ottomans, for some reason, the amazement does not occur while playing other civilisations and looking at landmarks. Ottoman landmarks reduce the architectural quality of the game. I agree with what a few friends wrote above about the military school. It should give the player who plays Ottoman a deeper game pleasure other than spamming men with military school. For example, you get this pleasure when playing with England, it is a very flexible civilisation, even if Hre needs a little love like the Ottoman Empire, I get this pleasure with Hre. But not when playing with the Ottoman Empire. If I produce Jans, they will die immediately, if I produce Great Bombard, the resource I invested will be wasted very easily, for God’s sake, what am I going to do with the Ottomans? Because towards the end of the game, they all explode in our hands.

Man, Japans have popular culture love othervise they dont have such power. I believe that devs will make Japans like England. But Ottomans and Chinese arent respected that way.


Yes, Japan’s modern pop culture, manga, and samurai film and television promotion have had a more positive impact, and that devs may have grown up under the influence of such cultural propaganda in Japan.

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It is official. Ottomans are the worst civ said by Beastyqt. And if you read comments, players say ottomans are the worst.

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What if military schools only train janissary for free but with different weapons at age 2 with swords and at age 3 with handcanon or bow at age 4 with musket and they should be have higher stats.


Ottoman players are bound to military schools. Military schools need fix. Jans werent only handgunners they were first swordsman and archer. I welcome every idea that gives ottomans unique feeling.


Agreed. In fact, it’s even worse than just lacking the most important unit and low quality architecture.

Weeks before Malians and Ottomans were launched on Oct 25, 2022, people were already pointing out Janissary and the Ottoman Bombard were simply too weak.

Over a year later, in over a thousand watched (pro) + played matches, I have never seen an Otto player go Jans + Great Bombards and win a real high-level competitive 1v1.

I mean, literally:
NEVER. In a thousand matches.

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I think Ottomans, Military schools specifically need a rework. Military schools are made out to be such a huge thing so Ottomans don’t have any other really great bonuses, but after castle age military schools fall off substantially. What does 5 free units matter at all to a castle or imperial age economy? nothing. Even in dark, and feudal age when they are supposed to be good, given how many resources and villager time you need to invest into them they aren’t great.


It seems people in this forum know a lot more about AoE4 than Beastyqt LOL.

Late game with Janissary and Great Bombard is a nonstarter, people said that even before Ottomans were launched. They were right, devs were wrong.


Make the military school cheaper!
100 wood 50 rock.
So you can build one right away without collecting rock.
They can rollback the bonus starting wood in exchange.


It would be preferable.

1).- Since it has become a “yes or yes” move of the Ottomans players to collect stone in the dark ages (I) to have at least one of these buildings, in theory an adjustment of the price of the building should be considered to create the same ones in the dark ages.

2).- The other option is that you start the game with 100 stone.

3).- The third option as an extra for the first, and as a balance, if there is a problem with the speed of creation in dark and feudal ages, it could be solved with unique technologies for the same building, similar to the Age III Ottomans, who create villagers for free , but at a slow pace, and 3 technologies must be developed to increase its production limit and speed.

Let’s remember that at the release of the game, the HRE did not start with a prelate, when it became too mainstream that a prelate was always built, no matter what, as the first action of the game, to save that step they simply started with one.


I think reducing military school price is better than extra resources at start.
Because the main issue (according to pros like beasty) is when trying to build your second and third military school in feudal, because it delays too much your 2nd tc or castle age since they cost so much wood and rock. Althought maybe 100 rock at start and a reduced price to 100 wood 100 rock would be fine as well.

I like the idea of free villagers though, maybe it should be a choice at the military school so you have to decide between free military and free villager. And maybe the free villager require an imperial point bonus instead of tech (like the one that give you access to knights and jani)

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Wrong, so wrong. Main issue is not early game, it’s LATE GAME.

Main problem is 1- GREAT BOMBARD , 2- JANISSARY. These two units need a massive buff.


May also be late game but many pro players have just stopped making military school in early game so they can fast 2 tc or fast castle. Which means ottoman have 0 economic bonus for a while. So there seem be an issue there too.

Late game the military school don’t have much impact either compared to other civ eco bonus. like english farm or hre inspire.

And about janissaries, i just don’t like their design. They are one of the unit the most forced counter. I think they should remove the 50% damage bonus they receive from range as nothing else in game has that, and less bonus damage against cav. Make them more like handcannon but that can repair and cheaper?

I think the bombard are fine. Could be a bit cheaper.

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Or make it 100 wood 50 rock and remove the bonus 50 stone ottomans get

According to the last patch notes, great Bombard will get some improvements. I hope GB will be useful for Ottomans.

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Can you share a link pls


I saw the link you posted. But can we believe it? All top pros and casters have been pointing out the Great Bombard is basically useless for a whole year now, they did nothing (obviously on purpose).

They’ve completely broken trust. To regain trust will be very, very tough.


It’s all upside down, all opposite to what the unit represents in history. Janissary should be more expensive than all other hand cannoneers and all other soldiers in the entire game.

They did the EXACT opposite to that, utmost bizarre. I’m sure they did it on purpose.

Therefore, Janissary should obvuiously cost more and have sturdier stats than generalistic units without any such highlighted importance in history.

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The problem the devs have here is that when the devs apparently listen to pros and casters, folks criticise them. Particularly folks in this forum.

So, ignoring the fact they mentioned Great Bombards for the next patch, how should the devs proceed?

“listen to pro players but only when we say so” doesn’t seem workable imo.

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