Ottomans on non-TP map

Do you guys have any good Ottoman build order to use on non-water and non-TP maps in 1vs1 Supremacy?
I usually chop 25 wood in the beginning of the game to build:

  • 1 house (100 wood)
  • Mosque (150 wood)
  • 2 Mosque upgrades: Millet System + Koprulu Viziers (175 wood)

Later on I’m doing standard stuff like Jan Age II rush, FF or Sublime Porte + Nizam Fusilier build. But still all of them feels weaker than the same build with a TP. Do you have any other BOs?


There is the FF variant of the nizam build you can do

It doesnt require a TP but its slightly slower on non TP maps

Its basically the Otto version of the spain age 3 halb push

Recommended to add either mamlukes or spahi in this, the deck in here was when I was just testing the spam

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I usually build a house, mosque, market and get hunting dogs on non tp maps.

its good only if you find coin treasure quickly otherwise is just better to do mosque ups, but yeah anyways otto on no tp map and no sea is just pretty hard, personnaly ill just go for tower ff or some age 2 play jan abus or jan huss depend of what your opponent doing ( jan abus if youre opponent go for barrack first or jan huss if youre opponent go for stable first )
actually you need to scout very well or is just hard but you need to be aggressive no choice
also dont search the second ups on mosque early on is just bad i think cuz you need these 125 wood for your tempo and your follow up


I have just updated a BO on eso website

Ottoman No TP Build Order

Hope you like it :blush:


Yeah, I forgot about your Sublime Porte + Naturalist variation. This is very nice one!

Thank you for posting it again :wink:

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