When I watch youtube videos, no body choose seagate castle aka Kilitbahir Castle. It gives with all castles good buffs to traders as speed bonus and armor but it depends on castles aura but Istanbul Observatory is better than it. Also Sulhtanhanı Trade network may be useless against Twin Minaret Madrassa.Twin minaret madrass is the best landmark of Ottomans.There needs some rework about ottomans landmarks. Also other civs’s some landmarks needs rework.


All trade focused landmarks have the same problem. Trade is not an option for most 1v1 games.

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its probably only me thinks its really good if just the traders were cheaper maybe people use trade more


You’re not gonna give up, aren’t you.

This landmark literally gives Ottomans the best trade in the game. Have you ever given a thought that not all landmarks need to be designed for 1v1 Arabia?


No body needs trade for just now. Every player choose Twin minaret madrassa for instant food which is true but I think these landmarks should be meaningful. Jans needs gold but in current meta, there is no need to trains jans. They are useless than every unit. Ottomans play style depends on military school so If any player choose them, they dont give significant buff.

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Seagate landmark is my favourite landmark for OTTOMANS.


Even in 1v1 it can have its use (Mainly on altai and french pass)

40% Speed buff and +10 armor and range armor for your Traders is insane and combined with Vizier point of increasing trade value by 40%.
Nobody traders more gold than the Ottoman. They even beat the Abbasid. Giving them unfanthomable strong gold econ in the late game.

I’ve had 3v3 games where with only 35 Traders, I have almost 6000 GOLD PER MINUTE.

Building Castles along your trade-line is a SMART IDEA if you can afford it, (which you can quickly as ottomans as long as Stone can be bought).
In a 3v3 Map, you need approximatly 3-4 castles along your route.

The SPEED BUFF the traders get is 0.4 tiles faster! Meaning traders will move at 1.4 tiles/s.

This means the trader will outrun any Infantry trying to raid your tradeline.
And most importantly, Cavalry raiders will be hitting your traders far less often. Meaning far less traders dying.
And with the castles dotted along your trade-route. it will deter any raiders, forcing them to break off.
Not to mention teh +10 Armor meaning they be taking far less damage. Even range armor.
Do you know Fully upgraded Mangudai only does 14 Damage? Ottoman Traders have +10 Range armor as well! Meaning they be taking only 2 damage if you have all the Blacksmith upgrades, and the opponent has to have Incindiary Arrow to even do any considerable damage against Ottoman traders. (Mangudai, the best Trade-killer in the game, does 15 Damage elited and all the blacksmith upgrade.
They do 18 Damage with incindiary armor.

Alternativly, its easy to just Select all traders and Garrison them all. Because you wont be needing more than around 30~40 traders as Ottoman anyway!

The Great Sea Gate landmark is pretty much the Abbasid Tradewing landmark. Only here you get the Tradewing upgrade FOR FREE.

This again means that you need far less units on economy.
You can focus your vills on food and wood, and you can sit comfortably around 70~80 Economy units.
And even go less than that.

Not to mention you’ll be pumping out free units from Military Schools.

Free units combined with boosted trade = Stronger Econ than late game Abbasid accumulated. If your going for knights/janisarries.


I will try seagate castle landmark. I like it but pro players dont use it. Istanbul observatory is much important for the military school. They always choose it. How about Sultanhanı trade network landmark? It is not useful as Twin minaret madrassa. I understand gold for castle age but feudal age doesnt need gold.

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I think minaret is overrated af


Ok So I did some math.

If I were to send my regular mangudai raiding force againsts a Ottoman traderoute.

That would be around 25 Mangudai + Khan/scout.

Fully upgraded Ottoman Trader with Sea Gate aura, has 108 HP and 13 Armor.
Fully upgraded Mangudai has 18 Damage and 1.25 Attack speed.

That means the Mangudai will do 5 Damage per shot.
That means I need a MINIMUM of 22 Mangudai to 1 hit volley kill a Ottoman trader.
Compare this to a regular trader who has only 3 armor.
Which only requires 8 Mangudai to 1 hit volley kill a Regular Trader.
Against Abbasid it only requires 11 Mangudai to 1 hit volley kill a Abbasid Trader.

Do you even see the difference in investment I have to make to do efficient economy raiding against Ottoman traderoute vs any other (except abbasid they only get +5 armor!) as Mongols?

I need to spend 3250 Reso##### (Edit note: Y U CENSOR THIS ONE?) to make a force viable to raid Ottoman traders vs 1440 Resources. (Edit note: AND HOW ISNT THIS CENSORED???)
if I were to base it on the use of Mangudai.

Translated into Time-investment;

It takes 1 Mangudai 27.5 Seconds to kill a Ottoman trader vs 10 seconds it takes to kill a regular trader. (abbasid being the exception as their Traders have 8 armor, henche 1 Mangudai will take 13.75 seconds to kill a Abbasid trader.).

In 30 Seconds, Your trader can make a full run, and make up for himself having traded in between 400~600 Gold.


I agree with everythin you said, sea gate castle is insane. Pro players don’t trade because maps like altai, mountain pass or french pass aren’t in tourney map pool. But they do exist in s3 qm pool.

Regardless of that I remember in the pup patch note or in the pup announcement, devs mentioned they’ll further rework the trade to make it more part of the gameplay. Now If they do it, Ottomans would be easily S+ tier for the reasons you mentioned previously. It is insane insane pop effiecency and addition to that they have the most pop effiecent unit in the entire game. Like you could just keep 30 on wood 30 on food and spam jans and gbombards for eternity.

Edit: for giving further math context to why its so good:

Trade bags make traders %40 carry more, sea gate makes tham %40 faster. If you were to use both of those you would have:


X: default trader gold/min

%96 more effiecent traders. And best part is making them super effiecent is only one aspect of this landmark. There’s also armor and mobility like you mentioned.


thats some good math! I kept mentioning early on that Ottoman traders with sea gate pretty much have Double the gold income. (but people didn’t believe).
With the Vizier point ofc, which shud come as a no brainer if you decide going for trade.

People laughed at me going 1TC for abbasid, and I still do for many maps.
Because Abbasid Feudal trade can make you hit Imperial in as early as 10 minutes if everything is managed perfectly.
At the cost of extended feudal, and room for dealing with Raids at the cost of adding 1 to 5 minutes hitting imperial as abbasid. (My build is 1TC 6 Markets).

Not to mention traders are getting a massive cost reduction in the upcoming update.

Someone comenting too hard on Ottomans… I smell another Vinfriss alt @moderators
LMAO and you deleted all the responses, def not vinfriss XD.

AltBacon011 is another alt account.

How many pro Ottoman games lasting into Age4 on Altai have you actually seen? Especially since Altai is not in the RBW map pool? I would wager zero if only because I don’t imagine you have time to watch or play any Age4 with all the time you spend making alts and spamming these forums and YouTube comments.

This is not an opinion. It is a fact. Look at this thread. Ottomans have the best trade with this landmark. It is also an undisputed go-to team game landmark.

But that’s probably not good enough is it? Unless this landmark one shots all units at rapid fire, gives you over 9000 of all res per second, and spawns Cobra cars every second you’ll still be posting about how underpowered it is.

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MutePants180 is an alt account. Don’t bother to explain him. Just flag and ignore. It’s the 100th times same guy creating these accounts and spamming same nonsense.

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It’s odd, in my >50 pup games with ottoman, I did not like the minaret or observatory, I thought they were the worst. I only played multiplayer tho, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4. I can see how the trade landmark alternatives would be worse in 1v1.

Ranked 2v2 is coming. Someday 3v3 and 4v4. I’m sure pros will trade in multiplayer.

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Observatory feels mandatory at the moment. Otherwise the Ottoman influence mechanic is just a jankier version of military academy.
Even without Seagate, Tradebags still gives you good trade. It also means you don’t have to place keeps in your backline.


I stopped building military schools entirely, so the observatory was never an option for me. With such strong trade, you’re still essentially getting units for free, only you can spend the resources on anything and produce those units significantly faster from traditional barracks than the schools.