Ottomans sipahi is too good

They are too good in almost every way(nerf stats or cost or how many you can get out)

So messed up when you meet a army of ca 20spahi at 10mins


You are limited in how many you can get which requires you to advance into Age IV with the The Grand Vizier for 3 of them or from getting some from home city shipments. They are strong but they should be considering they are a special Ottoman unique unit that can’t be trained.

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Yep - if you see the other player is ottoman as civs like british you might as well resign

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the ottowin empire :pensive:


No because in ranked ottoman players are usually worse as a player so you can win by being the better player - in equal skill it’s gg tho

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The funny thing is back in the day Spahi were never a major issue. They were good ofc but not game breaking (basically same stats as now). Spahi haven’t changed much, what has changed is basically all of Ottoman’s weaknesses have been removed.

They no longer struggle against a large goon mass, they no longer fall off hard in the late game (fencing School replacement was added, among other things), and their eco has been buffed. Alone any one of those things would have been fine, but together it’s way too much. Not to mention that their military has been buffed too.

As was alluded to before, the stats suggest that 1v1 Ottoman mains are playing with about 100 extra elo that they only have because they’re playing Ottoman. This means the winrate stays near 50% as the game simply gives them opponents with a greater actual skill.

Ideally, you shouldn’t have to nerf Spahi, but if the devs won’t look at the reverting the other buffs than I guess nerfing Spahi makes perfect sense.


Pls don’t nerf such iconic unit to simply deal on how overbuffed Ottomans are now (Kinda how AOE 2 Battle eles were overnerfed to simply nerf Khmer).

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That just means its too good tho

The civ is overbuffed and needs nerfes spahi is one of the nerfs needed

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They should be counted as mercenary and takes 1 minute to pop out. It’s ridiculous to go age III at 6:30 and have 5 spahis out at 7:10.

making them mercenary won’t change anything. Spies and most anti-merc units already suck against strong mercenary units and Sipahi would not be any exception to that - they’d kill spies even faster than most current mercs tbh.

I’m not 100% but I believe the reason suggested to make them mercs was more about making the card take 60 seconds to arrive instead of 40. (and if you’re a ninja enjoyer like myself then it would be great)

normally they (5 spahi) come out at 6:30, yours are too slow.

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