Out of Sync with Custom Maps - Not the now 'fixed' issue

Hello there!

Unfortunately, my friend and I are still experiencing out of sync errors when trying to use a custom map.

I modified the random map script of an existing map and it loads up as expected/ tested via multiplayer with AI and all works fine. However, when my friend joins (with a copy of the .xs and .xml) we both load in without issues. Unfortunately, as soon as our vills start moving/ being ordered, we get the out of sync error.

If we use standard RMS - we have no issues at all.

Am I to believe this is because custom maps just simply not supported online or is it likely to be caused by another issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Sounds like you have the map in both your Randmaps folders. Remove it from the folder with all the regular maps.

Resons why 3CC had a little warning window ^^

  • Did 3DE stop using the resources.xml ?

Warning of what? I don’t follow…

The old aoe3 had a warning " Your official map pack has been changed "
If you added a map to the installation folder

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Ah, I see what you mean now. I assumed the file was renamed and the proper map files remained the same.

He changed the map, so the hashnumber of the map got changed too ;D

Thank you, both for your input.

Just to clarify a couple of things.
I copied the original/ normal random script, created a new XML. Put them both in this folder:

C:\Users<user>\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE<Random Number>\RandMaps

So the original/ regular map is unchanged in its default install folder.

However, because I took the random script from a regular map and modified it slightly to how we wanted it to generate a map, is that possibly why the sync issue is happening?

In my mind, it shouldn’t. However, I’ve not even successfully run mods online (from the tools menu) as they also cause the out of sync issue for me. :frowning:

Did your friend receive a message saying “file transfer failed”? That’s what keeps happening to me when I try to share custom maps in this way. Then that player usually drops but if that person rehosts then they’re able to play. Doesn’t sound like the same issue as what you’re experiencing though. Maybe you can screen record what’s happening and upload it to YouTube so we have a better idea?

Thank you @vividlyplain. Based on the advice above I decided I’d delete the whole ‘Default’ RandMap folder in my Steam folder. I’m verifying the file integrity so hopefully it reverts everything back to stock.

When @Shinjux3 mentioned the hash change, wondered if I edited something by mistake. Thanks for pointing that out!

I’ll let you guys know if verifying my files works. If it doesn’t I’ll make a recording and detail more information.

Thank you, again.

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Make sure you also name the files differently from the original, otherwise it may OOS.

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It is fixed. Thank you all. It looks like I must have edited something in the default directory. Verifying my files has worked a charm.

I really appreciate the help. :slight_smile: