the team game are pretty unplayble on ageIV. All the time the team that is going to lose do out of syncronization

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i’m pretty sure players who are losing do it.
Can it be fixed this cheat as in age 3DE did or we just have to left age4 becouse actually this cheat happens to much?


Totally agree.

Sync-error had to be solved long time ago, but it’s still alive and wide knowed (and abused).

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I’m curious, how/when was this resolved in AOE3? I played AOE3 for many years, and am certain it was still be exploited by the time I left.

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I think this is a common issue in most of Relic games as I have heard that it also happens in CoH


I’ve never had it happen to me before this weekend. I just started playing team pvp quick match though, maybe it’s the only game mode affected? Never got it in quick play vs AI or ranked. But I had two back to back 3v3s de-sync yesterday and another today. I check the other players histories and the ones I can see have many completed games with only 1 no result, so it doesn’t seem like anyone is suspicious to me of being a cheater but it’s happening a lot suddenly.

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In The Asyan Dynasties there was. In age of empire III DE this cheat as been stoped soon. The game was started whit an anti-cheat sistem.
Now you can play age of empire III DE and not been cheated as it’s happening too much times in aoe4

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team games are not playable actually in ranked season. 80% of the game you are going to win the looser team will abuse of this cheat

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A fix is definetly needed

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They could grant a “draw” with no vp gained in case of desync while now it count as a lose and those who do the desync get victory .

It’s nonsense.

I believe they changed that, now it gives “no result” to all players from what I can tell. Not sure if the no result affects elo

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it could be better. But for my experience in age3 (i mean Tad 2008). The OOS cheat will be used always, so players will not lost rank. Since the ESAMBLES STUDIOS was active they worked hard to ban and stop those cheats and actually in age3 DE this cheat as been stopped.
Reporting players after they have cheated a game actually look nosense. Dev is not going to do any form of controll and ban

i think this is a team issue. I have been trying to play team game against CPU teams. so no one is trying to cheat, yet we keep not getting more than 15mins into game before it loses sync. shameful its not patched.
Pointing to cheaters is giving the devs a way out