Outlaws. No units can counter the specific tag

Not necesarrily. Units that dont have multipleirs vs Outlaws normally can have them. Eagle scouts and chasqui for example

then the only possible result would be that literally no one would use outlaws vs a civ with a close-to-free hard counter to them

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Its not true. There is a card called Scout combat on native civs. The scout transforms into a European spy with a build limit of 30. But No ever. Ever uses them vs hard merc builds. And they arent free. They cost pop slots. Their stats are low but specialized for a specific role.

They are a counter but not HARD counter. If you know what i mean.
Another example is that only the USA general has a card that boost damage against outlaws, 1 unit in the whole pay to win roster with that perk. Why shouldnt other civs have access to some sort of way, shape or form?

A “bounty hunter” or “sheriff” upgrade that gave heroes a bonus against outlaws could be a good idea.

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You mean this?

Good news for all of you, it is already in the game, just play USA.

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It’s like why only some heroes have swashbuckler attack, some can construct TCs faster, some can heal, etc.
If it is a unique card it has to be different from the other counterparts. Then hero cards have the tradition to be unique.

Yes, that card was mentioned in the comment I was replying to. But I think it would be reasonable to have something like it more widely available. Make Bounty Hunter a Tavern/Saloon tech that gives heroes a multiplier vs outlaws, and grant coin for each unit they kill.

Villagers with the pioneers card could gain bonus against outlaws. Also against explorers, treasure keepers and natives.

In addition to the current benefits, villagers hold their own much better against outlaws, guardians, natives, and explorers. (1.5 damage acquired).

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That is simply wrong. The upgrade you get at the Tavern is automatically upgrades in ages 4 and 5. Additionaly you will be able to get another 50% in the new patch via the mercenary contractor. So the strength of Outlaws is definitely not their problem. And if you send your respective card to lower the pop by 2 you got a lot of Verry strong 2pop outlaws that are maybe not as pop efficient as normal units but way more cost efficient. Renegados are an easy example, they take double the pop of a normal skin while only costing the same but their damage output is about 50% higher. Therefore you got a unit that may not be brought into the battlefield in massive numbers but it’s way cheaper to reinforce and will win you the resource battle 9 out if 10 times.

They removed that thankfully

Native Scouts are absolutely a HARD counter, it’s 10x damage vs mercs.