Outlaws. No units can counter the specific tag

Outlaws are strong and its nice how some Civs can have them as a viable build but no units counter them really well enough.

Spies counter Mercenaries. Ninjas counter Mercenaries.

I suggest a unit that fits the time period (almost quite well): The Bounty hunter.

The bounty hunter can slightly look like an Owlhoot and has a long rifle or pistol. Or maybe an original concept.


Super unit available for hire:

Wyatt Earp & Doc Holliday

Explorer type unit (can be downed and revived) Does 1000% damage vs outlaws.

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outlaws, unlike mercenaries, don’t have absurdly strong stats for their age availability, so they can be countered like their unit class normally would be.

the counter to desert warriors is skirms or artillery,
the counter to owlhoots is cav



That is not always in the case for Treaty. We have outlaws that can throw Dynamite and cav that deal siege damage(most units dont have armor for that)

And it should be fair for all units to (HARD) have counters.
Yes i get what you mean by Mercenaries being stronger than outlaws and cav beating them. But in late game some outlaw builds tend to get away with being OP.

This will force players to be more creative instead of 1 unit spamming.

then maybe the problem is the scaling and not the unit itself. since the crabat nerf I’ve not heard a single complaint about outlaws in supremacy.

also, not all unit types have counters, just so we’re clear. theres not a single unit out there that hard counters healers either.

All outlaws have unit tags with existing counters, so its not really a big deal outside of exceptional circumstances which don’t warrant a whole new unit class being made for… well i guess every civ right? its gotta be fair after all

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I like the idea of the bounty hunter. Although it is not 100% necessary, it could be interesting.

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You don’t need a new unit to do this. Just give Spies and Ninjas multipliers against them. The Pinkerton detective agency was hired to hunt outlaws and they’re essentially spies for hire.


Yes, but the bounty hunter could be more standardizable. I suppose it could be an option for civilizations without access to spies. For example, the Lakota could train bounty hunters at the native embassy (assuming it is historically feasible).

I don’t think it is needed. Outlaws will have other tags. By your logic native warrior also has no counter


There are specific units that counter native warrior. I thought it was Maigadi. But i might be wrong. I just remember that one unit that does Damage vs them. Because the game is huge i cant remember.

it was the ninja but that was a leftoever from before DE, its been removed

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Maigadi is against mercenary not native warrior

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I see that the counters of outlaws, are themselves… ok hear me out…

A batch of 5 outlaw units can use as much as 15 to 25 population spaces without being diminished slightly by the theater card, so, badly efficient there, also the fact that unless you have even more special cards or politicians, you can’t upgrade them beyond a veteran level.

And on top of that, unless you have access to all the gold in the map (Or play dutch), you wont be able to subsist off of them for long; never seen them past the 4th age ever.

Point being, literally everything can counter them as well as any other unit.

But don’t get me wrong, they are good units, they can get you out of a pickle if you run out of food & wood, while also having versatility in their stats, specially African outlaws.

Use wisely.

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“Bounty Hunters” can be a card that buffs outlaws and adds bonus damage to them against outlaws.


It can be a new outlaw unit with a damage bonus against outlaws (Just like the Ninja are mercenaries that have a bonus against mercenaries). His design may be similar to that of Clint Eastwood in the Western movies, wearing a brown hat and poncho. The “Agents” and “Assassins” cards can buff them and the “Theaters” card can allow them to be trained in Taverns.

every change suggested for a new unit always is just for euros lol

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Confirmed: if you don’t include other regions, you are not allowed to fanfiction.


its more a matter of “lets introduce an entire unit class into the counter system because i think theres a balance issue here, anyways its just for euros because its all i play”

So if you want an anti outlaws unit you also need an anti_native unit? There are counters for both categories

and an anti-healer unit too, clearly


Outlaws would naturally have bonuses against natives and trading posts. It would be an added incentive to differentiate them from mercenaries and other units.