Outpost arrows don't feel satisfying

Hello. I just wanted to make a quick post about Arrowslit, how they look, sound and feel to use.

Currently, Outposts have a very whimpy model, effect and sound for their arrowslit emplacement. The arrows are miniscule, barely visible, move in way too much of a comical arc, and are also paired up with a sound effect that is just frankly sad. I also think it is a bit sad to still see the arrows floating infront of the enemy they hit, much like Springalds. There is also the issue of them always spawning from the same location, and sometimes shooting at the same time. All in all, it just doesn’t feel good to use or polished.

Now, I get that this is a small and rather weird complaint. But, I think units should try their best to motivate a player to use them. Whether that is through their visuals, their styles, their sound effects, mechanics, it varies from player to player.

Outposts in AoE4 have in particular been a bit lame. Besides them functionally being rather weak compared to other games in the genre, the presentation really doesn’t do it any justice.

I’m wondering if anyone else feels the same. I would love them to rework it a bit.

Imo, i think arrow slits shud cost wood and not stone.
I feel they are far to weak for the value of their cost. And consider you can’t give em a better upgrade when you age up, it becomes detrimental.

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I think the same, the technology is overshadowed because at minute 11 that you are in Castillos you can better use the Springald location. And with the time it takes to build (1:30 minutes) at most one builds 1 or 2, but no more.

In fact, the solution of changing its cost to wood and less stone would make it more viable, so much so that I think it would improve the defense system to consider building towers full of towers with arrows as a viable defensive option, assuming they don’t attack it with heavy units.

In the case of the Rus for example, because many of the techs in their fortified outpost cost stone and are… too expensive, I never use them, instead I prefer to build another Keep. It’s so much, that even the Devs themselves made a change so that the “Castle Watch” technology costs 100 stone —> 50 stone, because it was too much for only 6 vision, not even range.