Outpost bug for attack Fishing Boat

Any Outpost upgrades, such as handcannon, arrowslits, cannot deal extra damage to fishing boats (both Trade Ship and Transport Ship). it caused fishing ship to almost ignore the handcannon damage in the game.
Or in the design, fishing boats are not ship

Hey @FraughtFlame63! Are you saying that only the initial arrows do damage to fishing boats, whereas any of the upgraded Outpost weapons (such as handcannon) don’t do anything at all to fishing boats?

Sorry for not expressing clearly,I mean, for example handcannon, attacking fishing ships should be 25 base attack damage plus 25 bonus damage, but my own test is, only 25 base damage, no 25 bonus damage

Thank you for clarifying @FraughtFlame63! There’s hopefully a fix in the works for this one. Appreciate the report!