Outpost can be upgraded like towers

Question mark. Sure, a tower is better, but without Murder Holes a few melee units can still take it down really fast, and you’re comparing a 125 stone building to 5 stone building. Outpost or the purposes of sight is just vastly better for the price, and when people attack it, you’ll be alerted to it.

Masonry and Architecture already make the building more resistant.

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I wouldn’t mind if Outposts had an increasing HP per Age though, sort of like how Watch Towers (or any other building) works.

Ah i didn’t know since i’m new here, after it’s not spam considering i have arguments but yeah it will be better than 4 answers instead of 1 thx for the info.

Else yeah i know that the building is more resistant but it’s still weak knowing the units become more stronger than the buildings. If it was only mlilicians it would have just make them a bit more durable.

“I wouldn’t mind if Outposts had an increasing HP per Age though, sort of like how Watch Towers (or any other building) works.”

That’s my point, for example you were right about the LOS, the main idea is not to increase the LOS but increase for each age the outposts HP, they will be weaker than towers in resistance but better and more resistant in later game.

But yeah there is a lot of things who could be balanced for a good experience, imagine all the new possibility with those add, it will be more good for position battle.

I think you need to take a step back when considering ‘all the possibilities’, it’s hardly going to see any use in the suggestion’s current form as is. Same goes for many of your other suggestions.

I also think a Super-Outpost, for however much or cheap it can be built, would be a tad too boring of a building. If it lets you see half the map, then that’s just not really interesting.

Not really about all my suggestions, i don’t have the truth in my voice, but it’s just an opinion, and with opinion like your or somoene else, we could find a possibility with a good balance and new thing interesting like your last idea who can be a possibility like a new building outpost that you can update for each civilisation, i’m not the one who judge people ideas, i have a vision, i just share my ideas and that’s all.

Not really because with their low HP they can be still destroyed very easily with all the units even villagers.

And? LoS is a stats like any other, and there is not even a need for them to become any sturdier.

Yeah i know i mean the outpost HP need to change, for each upgrape only.

You see the problem in AOE II is that there are some interesing features like the outpost, the monks etc… who lose their use later, this is why they need to evolve too.

Outposts are considered very important late game. Their placement can be a game decider.

I’m agree, but unfortunaly, they can be destroyed easy, i mean yes they will be still more easier to destroy than towers, in a lot of games end game they are not used.