Outpost size

Outpost size is too small in my opinion (regular unit is much bigger next to the door of the outpost). It seems other structures are better scaled then the outpost.
I mean it is still a watchtower with a big range of sight, so it would be reasonable to make it a little bigger/taller. And it would still not mess the readability of the game.

Thank you.

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Stone outposts need to be more impactful than standard ones, increasing one requires increasing the other, which is already big

The scale in the game is already all over the place so no idea what you mean by the outpost being worse anyway

Look at some of the ridiculous LMs. That russian +50% hp keep is almost the size of a house.

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Scale is really still a big issue of AOE 4. It was just a suggestion to make it a little taller.
I was not talking about other scales which would could fill a own forum^^.

I absolutely agree, I also want to increase the scale of the buildings.

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