Overclocking 1660S

What should I overclock my GPU to for best FPS in this game and in general?

I don’t think this really is the place for that, but you can simply look up the name + ‘max overclock’.

You can stresstest your gpu with Unigine Heaven. Make sure you have decent airflow and run the UH benchmark on max settings.

increase the Memory Clock by 10 (click on the number to type it), apply, and watch the benchmark. As soon as you see freezes, texture glitches, or ‘snow’, turn it down by 10 or 20 till it doesn’t happen anymore.

Then do the same for Core Clock, but by increasements of 5. Here the benchmark or the whole computer might crash. Remember which number you applied. if it crashes or freezes, turn it down by 10 and see if it works fine now.

It looks like you’re probably already around your max so you probably can’t go much higher. Note that some games still crash, even though it runs fine in the benchmark. For example, I can have 50 more Core Clock OC in AoE3DE than in BF5, even though they both run at 99% GPU usage.

Goodluck :slight_smile: