Overheard HC5 using the new pathing already?

this mean PUP coming out soon?


Dunno on that, but from the players that have played the new patch they’ve said its quite a bit better


20 characters.

Yeah. Archers are back! I didn’t see any regrouping in two days of HC5 qualifier finals.


i saw the vid too the archer micro/movement looks way clean, even better than pre ROR

now we just gotta hope they fixing this long term and planned ahead so new content wont break it again and again


I heard there are some minor bugs in the patch. After they are fixed, a PUP is likely to come just before main event.

If true, it’s quite a weird decision to give the new pathing to an S-tier competition before testing it out with the larger playerbase first. Like, you’d want it to be the other way around just in case something goes majorly wrong. And if they’re so fully confident with the new pathing to have it be for the S-tier competition only, why not fully release it anyway then?

It’s nice that the Hidden Cup hopefully will have no pathing problems, but I feel like this decision is just really risky and prone to disasters, and even if not it’ll just be mystifying why not release it to everyone anyway.


I hope so… (I heard about this on discord with friends. Glad pathing is working better.) I wanna get back to testing/finding bugs/reporting them. Oh and actually playing too of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Note: While I did say I would stop if they add in the micro transaction stuff, it turned out to be not as bad as I thought. So, I will keep it up. For now… But if they push it further… I might stop. So, don’t get any ideas/greedy MS…)


I think T90 was like “anything please, anything’s better than this” about the old build 11

Yeah, as long as the microtransactions are just for a few cosmetic things then whatever, if they start doing microtransactions for gameplay features that’ll destroy the game real quick. I also think MS gets their not dealing with quite the same audience as many other games though; our game has a lot more older players that aren’t going to put up with that junk in the same way a teenager might lol (no offense any teenagers, just y’all don’t have to pay a bunch of bills lol)


I think this is why T90 started using it at the end of the qualifiers btw, so that if it was a mess they could roll it back before the start of the main event. And even then they (and T90) got like a week before the qualifier deciders to test it, and if it was bad they probably wouldn’t have used it even for the deciders.

T90 mentioned during stream that this new patch is fine for 1vs1, but it may have some issues if games are anything bigger than 1vs1 and there may be issues with crossplay and console version.


Not really, when you consider how broken the current pathing is, to the extent that some pro players like MbL aren’t even excited about S tier tournaments, others like Sitaux describe the current patch as “unplayable” and archer/micro specialists who were previously consistently in the top 3 like Lierreyy are not even getting placed finishes in tournaments, seemingly overnight. As T90 said, literally anything is better than the current patch, even HD or Voobly pathing.


did he mention specifically what the issues are outside of those?

I think he said that it might be too unstable according to devs.