Overheating issue, De-synchronization?

Does anyone else facing over-heating issues? The game is poorly optimized and puts so much stress of Hard drive and CPU. My previous hard drive malfunctions after I started played AOE 4. Not sure if its related. But for me over-heating is ruining so many matches. I have played many other games but they don’t cause this problem. I feel like AOE 4 is poorly optimized.

First AOE 4 doesn’t have reconnect feature. It crashes or causes over heating when you are mid game. This alone makes me hesitant playing this game. You never know it can waste half hour of game for everyone in an instant.

On top of that every 3rd game ends with de-synchronization. When enemy starts to lose suddenly the game de-synchronizes and crashes. Its not just balancing issues these bugs are affecting the gameplay even more.

I haven’t quite overheated by my PC definitely runs all fans and at a higher temp than other higher intensity games

I also lag for no reason, obviously a memory leak bc I’ll be fine one second and then heavily lagging the next.