Overlapping Kurultai aura is not applied to some units in team games

I found a bug in team games with opposing Mongol players (see screenshot above). This occurred on 2023-nov-10, so it is an older bug. I didn’t record the AOE4 version number, so hopefully the date will suffice, sorry about that.

In the screenshot, red’s Kurultai is buffing red’s units. Blue Kurultai unpacks next to red Kurultai, and the blue units within the range of both Kurultai auras are NOT buffed, but the blue units that are only in range of the blue Kurultai aura ARE buffed.

Without any knowledge of how the devs implement Kurultai buff on units, I think what could be happening is the following:
-Red Kurultai aura already exists while blue Kurultai is unpacked.

-When a unit enters Red Kurultai aura, the game checks if the unit is allied on Red’s team or not. If it is not allied, then the buff is determined “Do not apply Kurultai buff to this unit”.

-When blue Kurultai unpacks, both auras are applied to the same units. Since red’s aura existed first, then it does the check on red aura, and then blue aura.

  • Due to the order of checking, the blue units already have “do not apply Kurultai buff to this unit” when the game checks to see if blue Kurultai aura should apply. Because of this, blue units within both auras are skipped in the blue aura check. (or some variation of this idea)