Pachacuti bugs

Game Version:

  • Steam


Two bugs in the Pachacuti campaign:

  1. I got the Pitched Battle achievement for not building any walls or gates in The Field of Blood, but I did do that.

  2. The hero priests in the fourth scenario can’t pick up relics or convert, making them useless. I didn’t notice if they could heal or not.

  1. Yes they are pretty useless. They healed my units but that was all. No converting and no relic taking.

After a while I deleted them all :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reports! I have written these both up for investigation by the team.

For future reports, be sure to split these into separate threads and to include a screenshot, if possible. This will make it easier for us to escalate these issues to the team and check off that they’ve been seen!

Thanks again! =)


Circling around on this report:

Bug is entered! The fix won’t be in the next build, but is in the works for a future build.

This is actually in-line with the design of the mission. If you feel strongly about it, I’d recommend starting up a feedback thread and seeing how others feel about it, as well! =)

Thanks again for the reports!