Packed Mangonels Won't Respond to Attack Commands against Units on Walls for 20-30 seconds

Load up the Art of War: Late Siege challenge and use a Mangonel to attack an archer on the wall. You will find that if it’s been recently packed, it does not respond at all. To reproduce this, tell the Mangonel to move, wait for it to pack, then tell it to attack a unit, the Mangonel will not respond to the attack command.

But if you wait about 20-30 seconds after it packs, then it will respond. Time seems to be the only factor here.

Attack ground works fine. Or if you unpack it first, then it will respond every time.

But packed Mangonels won’t respond to a right-click attack command nor an “A” attack command for 20-30s.

Hey @texkill! I am unable to repro this. Any chance you can provide video?


The thing that I missed in my first report is that you need to target an enemy unit that you can see but your mangonel cannot.

I’m using my scout here to be able to see a unit that my mangonel cannot.

Right-click works the first time, but then doens’t work again for some time.

On a related note I faced this very annoying Mangonel issue during all my campaign missions:

When I ask my mangonels to attack something that is outside its own line of sight, it will stop and not move anymore.

The object may be in the line of sight of some other unit or building but my mangonel will stop.

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Thank you @texkill! The video and extra tip is super helpful. We’ll look into this!

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