Painting with the Editor: A Map Design Article for AoE:DE

Hi guys, my name’s Ingo. I used to be an active fan designer for Age of Empires and Age of Kings. I haven’t designed in many years but AoE: DE has inspired me to give the editor a try.

And what can I say? In spite of all the bugs and the frustrating lack of developer support, I love the editor of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. :slight_smile:

Why? Because the DE editor has some exciting new features that were not possible with the old editor: New terrains, new terrain items, new heroes. It is not only easy to use, but also extremely powerful. Also, many more things are possible with this editor than meets the eye: Hedges, flower gardens, swamps, new types of bridges, overlapping units and buildings, trees growing into water, burning cities… A lot of this knowledge is already familiar to AoE/RoR designers, but likely new for you if AoE: DE is the first time you have played this game.

Not many people are designing with AoE:DE these days. Which is a shame because I find Single Player with AoE: DE a lot of fun. This community of single players should get more material to play! And this game, with all its bugs and imperfections, very much deserves a dedicated little community of fan designers.

To get you inspired, I have written a Map Design Article for AoE: DE, which has just been posted at AoE Heaven:

Check it out, I hope it inspires you. We need to see more material here, and at AoE Heaven.



Oh my!!! Dude this looks best. Awesome work man :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see how amazing AoE II will look with the DE treatment. :grin:

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Same here man. (And not to mention 3rd, it still looks beautiful. Remember in old days, it was best looking, best playing RTS. AGH! The memories.)

AoE III: DE will be about 250 GB or something :laughing:


LOL, not that big. ■■■■ maybe yeah, sine it will include the other expansions too. I hope other one is same as current collection where we can choose which one to play.