Pairing the new Blue Guard with Dutch Revolt!

I am absolutely loving this pup! Aside from a few bugs, and Mexican skrim getting 24 range, I don’t have any big complaints. But, there is one thing which I would like to suggest. Dutch have now been given an age 3 card, which ships 14 Blue Guard, and enables them to be built from the Fort. Now while I like the idea of giving the Dutch special musketeers; I think there is a bit of a problem as Dutch can already build Highlanders from the barracks with their special card. It seems to me that this card is just rather useless, even if cool, because Highlanders are much better age 3 and even age 4, and they pair really well with the Dutch coin eco (whereas the musketeers have a much higher food cost). And they are way better post-Imp because Highlanders can get imperial upgrades but the Blue Guard cannot.
There are a few ways I can see to fix this problem, so here we go!

  1. Change the age 3 merc card so that it gives HP boost, attack boost, speed boost, and train time boost–enable royal horsemen and highlanders in the saloon, but take away building them from the barracks. Also, change the card to not increase normal unit cost. And then give Blue Guard an age 5 upgrade.

I like this next idea more, it’s a little weird but hear me out.
2. Do not change the merc card at all and also don’t give them an age 5 upgrade. Instead, give cards to their different revolts (which have infinite fort shipments, pairing well with the “train from fort” ability), that will either give them the age 5 upgrade for Blue Guard or give them some special attributes. We have the Chilean “Hussars of Death” with their 100% attack increase. So we should give South Africa a tech that gives Blue Guard a 100% hp increase (obviously off the base stats, so it would just add 150 hp, but no attack increase). Especially now that ########## isn’t infinite, South Africa could really use at least 1 Imperial level unit. I don’t think this would be broken but I do think that it would be a cool way to make the age 3 Blue Guard card actually useful and cool!

I agree they shouldn’t have mercenaries available at the Barracks. Instead it should enable your Explorer and Envoys to build Mercenary Camps (that don’t replace the Tavern).


I too agree with this. I’m all for more unit variety and availability, however I’d rather the units stick to their traditional production building for the sake of clarity and to stop things becoming too convoluted.

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