Pakistan added in all games but not in AoE1?

Devs added Pakistan Civ to all Age of Empires title except AoE1.

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What do you mean? Pakistan didn’t exist until the 20th century, and doesn’t appear in any of the AoE games. (But even if what you’re claiming was true, I don’t see what the point would be, given that AoE1 hasn’t had new civs added for about 24 years.)


How is pakistan a civi? It has no history before splitting off india.its an indian province at best.

Btw none of the games have pakistan as a civi.

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Indus Valley is Pakistan for AoE1

AoE2 has Hindustanis, AoE3 has Mughals, AoE4 has Delhi Sultanate. All predominantly represent Pakistani civ.

They are not paksitan they represent islamic factions ruling over india.

Idus vally is indians nothing to do with pakistan.


Pakistan didn’t even exist in any Age of Empires game timeline, so obviously it isn’t featured in any of them.

Maybe stop looking at your country’s flag for five minutes and read a bit of history, bro.


AoE3 has “Indians”, which is an umbrella civ with elements from many Indian civs including but not limited to the Mughals. Besides, modern day Pakistan wasn’t the core of the Mughal Empire or the Delhi Sultanate. I mean, the second one was centered around a city that isn’t even in Pakistan nowadays, as its name implies, and if you think all muslim country in South Asia ever are Pakistan, then I guess modern-day Bangladesh still should be called Eastern Paksitan.


Some guy at reddit said he wanted (but he knew it didn’t have a chance) US and USSRi in Age 2

Way back, I also saw a guy saying he wanted the US as a civ, so he could play the Revolutionary Wars, also in Age 2.

This post has the same vibes

The Indus river flows right through the middle of Pakistan. It only flows though a small part of India that is claimed by Pakistan (Or a part of Pakistan that is occupied by India how every you want to see that).

So the Indus Valley civilisation (also called Harappa) is mostly located in what is now Pakistan.

But we don’t know who they were. We don’t know what language they spoke and what happened to the people of this culture. Maybe they are related to some of the people that inhabit India nowadays but no one knows for sure.

Some people really don’t seem to understand how history works. That not everything in the past is just one big pot of things.
I saw someone suggest the USA and the Babylonians for AoE4!


The Indus Valley civilisation was initially named so because the settlements were found along the Indus River valley. Since then, settlements of the same civilisation have also been found in other regions of present day India. The Indus River is not the only region under consideration as far as this civilisation goes.

It was so long ago that, if those people still have descendents, then pretty much everyone in the world will be descended from them by now. (Although I can’t quickly find a better citation for that than this Numberphile video.)

My Mum is like that - she’ll say “back in the day” to mean anything from the Neolithic to the 1960s!

Pakistan is a modern country and its people are also modern.They are not descendants of indus vally people at best they are the last remains of mughals.

I know that’s why I said “mostly”. The heartland seem to be the area that is now in Pakistan.

It is very possible that there are more decedents of the civilisation live in what is now India though because it seems like many people had to migrate eastwards because of climatic and geographic changes. The flow if rivers changed, making the areas east of the Indus more suitable to agriculture.

“back in the day” is everything before 2000 AD of course!

You were talking mostly about the river Indus, not the civilisation. They’re two different things, because the civilisation is not found exclusively along only that particular river. People often make that mistake because they read the archaic name of “Indus valley civ” and assume that it was associated only with that river. Historians really ought to change the name of the civ to reflect the later findings.

Oh sorry.
I was aware that the civilisation was starching beyond the river but maybe my wording didn’t show that.
I guess it’s like like Egypt, could be called a Nile civilisation but it reached into other areas too.

The problem with this civilisations (and same with Minoans technically) is that we don’t know their name. We don’t know how they called themselves.
We could call the civilisation Harappa but that’s just the modern name of the place where we found their largest city. We don’t know if it was politically significant for them, nor do we know it’s real name.

Indians would be the wrong name for sure.
It would be like calling the Hitt ites Turkish.

Harappa would probably work better, if anything because it sounds more like a real people and not an archaelogical concept (though that’s also what it is). If anything that’s what Humankind chose to call them.

They do not fit into the historical period of aoe 2, obviously it is not necessary to clarify it…For that this AoE 3 is not?..The United States is a playable civ there and on the USSR they can do it a revolution of Russia as in the mod Wars of Liberty…

Let him play it in AoE 3 and stop crying… And but last that the mod The Next Chapter is downloaded for AoE 2 and there could play in the revolutionary wars


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Only Indians or Pakistanis talk about Pakistan in such generic terms


If Pakistan is renaming itself to India as per recent claims, this post is going to be a gem of a time capsule.