Palatine School (Byzantines) not affected by Cistern bonus

Did some testing in a skirmish game to test the production of the Palatine School. After testing it with a 5 cistern bonus and without there was no significant difference in the amount of units produced. I assume with a 5 cistern bonus the production should go from 30% chance to 60% chance. Currently the landmark based on my testing still seems to have the 30% chance even when in the influence of 5 cistern system.

Cisterns increase production speed, the Palatine School doesn’t really produce units, it instantly spawns extra units when they are produced elsewhere.

There is nothing suggesting that cisterns should increase the Palatine School’s spawn chance.

I guess that is technically true and perhaps it just an oversight but the building does say “output is increased by being placed in the influence of the cistern” Which is rather misleading because the cisterns do nothing for this building except I guess can make it more tanky which is not increasing the output.

Yep, that’s the generic description of the influence aura.

But I agree, it’s rather poorly worded for buiildings that can only get the damage reduction effect.