Palisade foundation visual status

The palisade foundation looks the same whether it has just been placed or been built a little.

This may not seem like a major problem, but it’s a huge pain for quickwalling or learning to quickwall.

Please make the totally unbuilt foundation just the four edges with nothing in the middle, then go to its current appearance once it’s solid. It would help so much. :slight_smile:

Alternatively, if anyone knows of a visual mod that does this already, please recommend!


AOE1 flashback anyone?
Could be nice though.

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Good idea. Some visual difference would be nice, now that units can walk through the un-started foundation.

However, rather than just four posts as the first stage, I think it’d be better to have four posts and a flat slab of gray or brown (being palisade, might be better brown?)… but no mound on ground or big heap of 2 x 4s on top for first animation stage, imo. Save that visual for when the villager starts actually constructing and the wall gets HPs.

  • By having the tile filled-in with a color as I’ve mentioned, it becomes quite a bit easier to see and know which tile the 4 posts belong. Otherwise, if you’ve planted 10 palisade bases and all you see are 40 posts near each other, it’d look very confusing to figure out which tiles you need to construct or which one you can send a villager to to build. Now imagine 30 bases and 120 posts, etc. You have the terrain grid enabled in your vid, but if you disabled it, 120 posts popping up with no foundation color would look like chaos, imo :smiley:

I think any change would be aesthetically better than it currently is. Especially considering how many of these darn things are built…

But that being said i rate the priority 5/10.

Idling, pathing, stutter, selection etc are much higher priority things that need to be resolved.

Fix this going to help a ton

I agree with this, would help a lot while walling

Can this feature be modded? (like the small trees, etc.)

I would assume so – if Daut’s face can be modded onto a castle…

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Lol, you really made me laugh :smile:

I don’t have experience modding in Age 2 DE, or I would help you make something.

I think this a great idea to consider by the devs. Perhaps even a subtle evolution hinting at the percentage of completion for the palisade.

A similar example with palisade gates, in the highlight at the start of the video. It’s easy to see here that Hera’s vill doesn’t touch the gate, but still, visually it’s a pain when quickwalling to not be able to tell if you’ve started building or not. In most cases it’s not crucial, but for quickwalling, the most important difference in state that you need to visually convey is whether the foundation is solid (started) or not.