Palisade wall or not? Whats the new meta?

Whats the new meta? In HC4 they talked about how palisade walls got nerfed and we will see less of them now. But Its still the most annoying thing in the game next to getting lamed when your opponent is fully walled in feudal arabia.

So whats the new meta? To wall or not?

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People still wall a lot. But at least the slower build means you need a god tier map to be fully walled early in feudal.

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If they want to nerf walling then make Serengeti the new arabia.


New meta is lame as much as possible. Steal a boar, lame the deer, do whatever you can to delay the feudal attack coming your way. If you do a good enough job of laming, you can still usually get your walls up, unless you have an epic bad map. You can also just go and tower rush. I do that a lot when walling up doesn’t seem like a likely option.

Realistically, the meta is mostly the same. Wall early, play aggressive in feudal and push through to castle. Two TCs into an eventual 3-4 TC boom.

Walling being slower does not make it less important, though it may lead to better house and building placement to facilitate said walling. It also means that protecting farms and a woodline is priority number 1, with gold and stone being punished.

I need to watch a vid on how people lame boars. I’ve tried against the AI, and every time I do, I’m having to constantly waste a bunch of time micro-managing my scout’s movement when I should be/need to be cranking out villagers and working on my early-game econ. Doesn’t seem productive. It maybe doesn’t help that I play on Giant map, but still… makes me wonder if there’s an easier way. Or maybe the long-term benefit outweighs the cost of all that micro-ing?

Yeah, I think laming might not be a good idea on a 1v1 with Giant map. Just physically walking to your enemy takes absolute ages in itself. Now, microing a scout to do a boar steal while keeping your eco running on a giant map flawlessly, you better have at least 1800 elo :smiley: