Palmyran Trade Boat and Unit Pathing Bugs

This game has still some bugs. I don’t know where to report this.

  1. Palmyral’s trade boat not return 2x gold
  2. Sometimes 2, 4 or 5 units stuck over other and can’t move. I don’t know why but 2 units can stuck forever.

And If I can un-select one unit in group by hot key, this will great for playing Wololo. Currently you only un-select by click on mid-bottom icon of one unit or un-select all by ctr+u

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Number two is already known globally because the behaviour was present in the closed beta as well. Number one I need to check out myself tonight. But vaguely remembering that someone had already reported it somewhere in another thread.

I have found a villager pathfinding bug too. I had a small peninsula where i had some animals and hunters gathering food. The vills walked all the way around a thin layer of water to put down the food becouse i had 2 storage pits down and the one in the opposite side of the water was closer in a straight line. So annoying that you have to micromanage units at this basic level.

Hello friends! I contacted the team about the first issue and have some details. Interestingly, the Palmyran Trade Ships are actually working as intended, though perhaps not in the way you’d expect. Let me explain:

The amount of gold that is collected by a Trade Ship is calculated by the distance it has to travel between the two docks. At a minimum distance—when the docks are essentially right next to each other—the ships will receive 7 gold. That amount then scales based on the distance traveled, up to a maximum of 75 gold for longer trips. This is a universal scale and a universal cap for all civilizations.

In regards to the Palmyrans, they begin to receive double the amount of gold as soon as the distance traveled starts scaling beyond the minimum value (of 7 gold). This means that it takes half the distance to reach the maximum payout of 75 gold than any other civilization, though the total amount they can receive from any given trade is still capped at that total.

It can be a bit confusing, but the Palmyrans are properly receiving double the amount up to the maximum amount allowed for Trade Ships. It can also be noted that this is consistent with the original behavior in Age of Empires: Rise of Rome.

Hopefully this helps explain the issue! Happy trading!