Papal Guard - is it useful?

On another post i asked if there was a difference between papal guard besteiros and the regular besteiros (special portuguese crossbows) and concluded that Besteiros rather than going Papal guard is the superior choice.

Guard Crossbows - 160hp+25 attack (Costs 1000res from vet + guard + 1000r from opportunitiy cost of papal guard)

Besteiros - 150hp+24 (costs only 2000w and comes with 22xbows + you can choose other age4 politician to gain 1000r)

This begs the question is the Papal Guard still useful for other civs now that it is nerfed? Do you think it should be unnerfed?

What is your experience with Spain, France and Germany?

It think the nerf should be reverted, since it only helps archaic units, that do not get used in the Fortress Age anyway.
If the Guard upgrades are free, there is a reason to use them, if not, then everyone just transitions to Skirms + Dragoons, or whatever civ variants you have.

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