Papal states as possible civ?

I’ve not seen anyone mention them as a possible civ. Too militarily weak/controversial?

Maybe someone here knows more about them?

Being controversial doesn’t bar a civ from being ingame. Genghis Khan killed more people than Hitler did, after all.

The main reason why the Papal States is very unlikely to be ingame is because how insignificant it is, holding only a small part of Italy, while being under the nominal protection of the HRE for much of the Middle Ages. There could very well be a faction covering the Italians, as it was the case in AOE2 (even though the French have some italian influence, with their galeasses and pavise arbalesters), but certainly not the Papal States that would then overshadow the Italian mercantile republics such as Venezia or Genoa.

Thinking about it, here’s a cool concept for an Italian civ : the wonder that you build, say, to reach the Castle Age turns you into an Italian state, either :

  • Venice
  • Genoa
  • Milan
  • Florence
  • The Papal States

Each city’s wonder being its most emblematic church (Santa Maria di Fiore for Florence, San Marco for Venice, Saint Peter for the Pope…) and unlocks a set of unique techs, units and bonuses.


Very cool idea I like it :slight_smile: