Party not disbanding after game and not going to main menu


I started playing team games recently with friends and we found out two things to be very annoying:

  1. after every game we are kicked to main menu instead of multiplayer page where we can search for games, i don’t think its hard to change that and i’m sure lots of people would appreciate that.

  2. after every team game with friends we have to invite each other again and again… when we are playing team games in starcraft2 we are just staying as party after game and its immeasurably
    more enjoyable experience.


Just played yesterday with some friends and yes, this was kinda annoying.

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This was presented as a FEATURE, not a bug! Meaning someone was foolish enough to think that this would be something GOOD and WANTED by the community. What. The. F.

There’s two sides to this though,

One side is the annoying need to re-invite friends

But the other side is when you want to not play with them, they have to be removed (leave themselves) from your party.

Personally that affects me much less often, so it’s not an issue, though I understand that for some it can be. Adding a Remove Player option would be a better option, I think. Disbanding every time is downright idiotic.

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Haha what the hell nice joke then XD