Patch 10 Broke AI Rush capabilities

I’ve noticed that after the patch 10 which added the new gameplay mode, the AI’s are much more less aggressive against players in the first minutes of the game (before 20) and will never rush the players focusing on massing armies and advanding to age 4. This applies to all the AI’s, in particular to the ones that used to rush more in the past, from difficult AI and over, even the absurd AI if it has massed a nice army on the 10th minute mark, they won’t even try to attack you, in this way i can win every game just by not making army until 20 minutes and focusing on economy.
Please, test this and fix it
Thank you


Thanks @Nacoid24799
The AI’s lack of aggression has been reported.


So there will be a patch coming to fix it?

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Hi, any news about a possible patch?

@Nacoid24799 - It has been passed along, but currently I do not have details as to when any changes will occur.

Yeah I’m getting the same problem. AI is completely broken and refuses to attack. Have tried multiple games against 3-4 absurd AI’s, and they refuse to attack. Even if I only have 1-2 towers set up in defense, they will walk towards me, then turn around at the last moment.

And they just skip every possible fight until age 4, quite garbage… i really hope the next patch will fix this issue. AI is one of the most important elements of the game. I think everyone would want the AIs to make more armies before age 4 and do not rush the age up. Also, making their armies actually fighting and not retreating all the time

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The AI is terrible now, the whole game is boring. I only play coop against the AI so this has stopped us playing. Very poor that a bug such as this could have gone live and even worse that it wasn’t quickly fixed via a hot fix.

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I hope a fix is coming soon for this issue! Developers, take example from Jakcie AI mod to fix this issue

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