Patch 11009 in a nutshell

PPL here will deny reality, they take as personal insult ANY criticism to balancing. They even deny pro players speaking out agains this circuss of a balance patch :smiley:

They should care about team games. AoE4, like any other AoE game, will have so many civs that it’s impossible to balance them perfectly in 1v1. And like the other games in the franchise, team game will constitute a significant part of the tournaments. The problem with the Chinese is not that its OP siege (which they are), but that they have to rely on their OP siege. Chinese non siege units were over nerfed, and the second landmarks are too expensive.

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I agree with this. I feel bad for China.
My main is French, but I play China occasionally on closed map. I can’t win much as China in an open map.

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No one cares about pro players, my interest is balanced towards team games.

I have played 3 3v3 and 4 4v4 games today, which means I met 42 players. Among them only 2 Chinese, both in the first 2 games. The 5 games after the noon I met NO Chinese players except myself once(because I want see how weak they are now). Among the 3 games Chinese lose 2. And in the one Chinese win they make almost no contribution to the game. I think that’s the team balanced environment you want: no Chinese at all!

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And i showed you China is bottom tier there also. Wha more prrof do you need ?


What dev note is saying “Regardless SKILL LEVEL or PREFERRED GAME MODE”

Please read clearly.
Keep using 1v1 and pro as an excuse shield is totally meaningless.

Moreover, How much does Chinese nerf influence 1v1 pro game play from this patch?
If Chinese is weak, you can suggest to buff other aspect, but not insist to keep broken other game mode balance.

No one is insisting that, stop fighting a strawman.

Reviewing your all posts here, none meaningful suggestion, just keep yelling Chinese are dead, denying others speaking by you don’t care but representing all people don’t care other gamemode except 1v1 pro, and this also conflicted from dev note. What you did only like a kid keep complaining but nothing else due to this patch influence you.

So what is your suggestion to adjust Chinese.

China is too weak now.Suggest to decrease the cost of the second Landmark of each dynasty.

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Worst civ in 2v2

Exactly middle of pack in 3v3, 4v4.

So how exactly civilization thats completely under performing ruins your games?

And at 1600 elo trend is similar but in 3v3 its 3rd best civ.

This is the results of low elo players complaining about balance. Yes the siege was strong and it was chinese identity as gunpowder civilization. Should there be more counterplay to siege? YES. Should they be useless units? NO.

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siege are not useless… maybe the problem come from there how you manage it.

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