Patch Day 12 and Season 2 on 14 of july

Here are the patch Notes: Tomorrow: Age of Empires IV - Season Two Update 17718 - Age of Empires

Those are some huge patch notes.

  • Very interested how the Map Downvotes will play out.

Finally tomorrow is the day :slight_smile: Super excited for this patch!


HAEAHEHAEAHAHAHAH so the ■■■■■■■ feedback on pup didn’t matter at all :smiley: HAAHAHAHAHAH

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Beaasty did a great overview on patch and short…only 7 hours. Accourding to him China will be strong at least A-tier.


  • zoom 7/10 (cold be better)
  • colors 10/10
  • team landmarks 10/10
  • age of Cavalary (not age of seige) 13/10

result: 10/10
Good patch.
Overall balance team has a direction, and i hope it will playout great for the game and all game mods.

Cavalry is the best unit in the game already.

I didnt watch beasty’s take but i also perdict china will actually be goood bc ram nerf means less viable feudal pressure (esp vs BBQ plus horsemen) which results in stronger song dynasty booms, and the Imperial academy making IO means 3-6 early villagers generated sooner and granaries cheaper for faster farm transitions. Then the shear eco into castle age is gonna be hell for most any civ to deal with.

Plus BBQ rush got buffed with BOTH the siege nerf AND the BBQ emplacement upgrades. So even though the siege/gunpowder aspect of china took a hit with patch, i believe the safe boomy eco will carry china EZ gg go next.