Patch Notes: There should be (more) transparence about edits and updates post-publishing

Look, mistakes happen. You might have to update and edit already published patch notes. That is perfectly reasonable.

What I don’t think is reasonable is that you don’t tell anyone about it so people have to find out through their own observations that this already published post is apparently being edited after the fact. I don’t understand why you don’t add a short note that you had to edit the already published patch notes and you summarize what you had to change/remove.

If you just edit already published posts without giving a notice to the readers about it, people will eventually stop completely trusting your posts when you publish them. People care about your game and get excited they see your freshly published patch notes the moment you publish it. You should cherish that excitement.

Edit: I am aware of the disclaimer at the bottom but I still think your readers would appreciate you letting them know about these things as they happen.


So does it still require stone to repair TC with this patch?

At the moment yes. Thats why it was removed from the list.

I decided to test it. Yep, after new patch, You still need stone to repair TC.

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