Patch notes written very casually

Hello everyone. I would like to report a major issue with the game, which does not belong in the bugs section. I hope some developers or atleast some moderators take attention.

The patch notes are written very casually. All throughout the patch notes the tech was called Spyglasses, but in reality it is Spyglass. I am still not sure if it was Siege Elephant or Siege Elephants. The Archer Ships are regularly called Arrow Ships. The word rework is used pretty freely, like Knight Sabers reworked into Knight Poleaxes - for God’s sake it is renamed, not reworked. Another blunder in this patch notes was “naval warships” - implying the existence of land or air warships as well.

Why does this matter to me? I am the most prominent wiki editor for AoE4. I am responsible for creating those pages when new techs/units are added. It is a hassle moving pages when you come to know that the tech/unit is not actually named as such, but it’s actually the patch notes which mention such.


I’m not sure a few mistakes here and there count as the notes being written “casually”, but I trust the devs to take your corrections on board while ignoring whatever frustration lead to the tone of this post.

A small correction: Knight Poleaxes are a visual update as well as a name update, and this requires code changes to achieve (including animations, etc). As a modder, that’s my area of expertise. So I’d personally say “reworked” is fine there. Especially as the patch notes immediately clarify that this is a visual change only.

For me, a rework is when the Spirit of the technology/ability is changed, like Setup Camp.

What would you suggest for a visual transformation like this? Not a gotcha, just wondering.

Something like “X is / are now Y”? So “Knight Sabers are now Knight Poleaxes”?

Knight Sabers renamed to Knight Poleaxes. In addition to adding +4 melee attack, it now upgrades the weapon from a saber to a poleaxe (‘‘optional:’’ purely visual change).

It kinda works like the extra attack MAA technology for HRE, which adds +2 melee attack and also changes the weapon to something which is difficult to pronounce and remember.

Fair enough. I disagree that it’s a simple rename (in my opinion), but I can also see why rework would be confusing.

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This seems to be pretty much every game I play.

I do find it annoying though. Just such a simple thing to fix if you have a decent editor go over patch notes.

Off topic, but people who can understand the PoV of other person are a bliss.