Patch on Monday! Rejoice!

I’m excited for Monday to see where we are with the game.

I’m hoping for a mongols patch, a French knight patch and a Chinese bee patch.

If we get a zoom patch, that would nice-- though I’m okay with the current zoom, but I do like extra cake, you know.

Also the ram glitch which, once I told my friends about have been abusing the heck out of it in our custom games, lol, putting a bunch of troops behind a tree.

– I’m stoked.

I hope I am wrong but I think u will be very disappointed.
For the looks of it it’s only going to be a patch to fix most bugs and the speed bug from mongol tc, but they didn’t mention any balance fixes which means it’s very likely that a balance patch would come either by the end of this month or the next


Yeah worlds edge is severly understaffed or on vacation?

Well, the mongol TC speed patch would be welcome.

I do like the speed-- but I’ve been thinking it should ramp up to that speed. Eg starting at slow speed then as it travels it ramps up to full efficiency. It would keep a mongol TC from zipping around and dropping, zipping around and dropping.

Probably no balance update except mongol tc rush. I don’t hope much.

I hope we are pleasantly surprised. But depending on what the first patch is-- may set a trend on how future updates will go. If it leans into community feedback then I would feel good about it. If it’s just typical patches or optimization bits-- then I dunno.

It’s amazing how people try so hard to look for stuff to be negative about.

I’m glad there’s a patch coming though I kind of wish the patch notes were posted in full somewhere; I couldn’t find them so if they exist I’d appreciate a link.

I’m also glad that they aren’t trying to make balance changes when there are gameplay impacting bugs live since that will taint the data being used for balancing. It’s definitely better that they fix the bugs first and collect more accurate data before making and testing balance changes (let alone making them live).

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yeah-- You are probably right- Fix the bugs then worry about balance-- But I also think both could work together. I would imagine there are people that work on game balance, those that are experienced with the game-- Those that fix bugs may not know much about the game, but know how to fix a bug and know what is intended.

It really depends on what the bugs are.

Balancing Mongols would be pretty hard while the TC speed bug is active, and I recall seeing posts about one of the civs being able to duplicate relics or something like that.

Ideally they have a solid back end that allows them to collect metrics from all the multiplayer games and sort them by skill level (as balance often changes at different skill levels).

Since you can’t have different balance by skill level (or region), you have to try to find balance that works at all levels across all civs with all their differences.

The reality is that if making balanced RTS games was as easy as people on the forums always act like we would have tons of perfectly balances RTS games rather than some pretty well balances ones and 0 that are perfect.

EDIT: Just to be clear, fixing bugs and balancing should go hand in hand if the bugs don’t prevent you from getting accurate balance data; then you should fix the bugs first and collect updated data before making balance changes.


Hooyah, I have never balanced a game before-- I’m in college for Comp Sci-- and I really only have experience with fixing bugs within software we make in classes and software I have made on my own. I’ve made some games for academic purposes-- but it didn’t matter if there was a balance to it. So I have no idea how Balancing and bug fixing specifically works in a professional setting.

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Hey, that’s awesome. I’m a software engineer so a Comp Sci major gets my like. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey, thanks, lol. Its rough but I am chugging along. Only 1 more year and I get my degree.

Maybe I could get a job working for Relic or Microsoft on AgeIV.

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I hope the mongol building speed upgrade go to 2nd age, and the speed must be much slower than scouts. It should be little faster than spearman. Seeing buildings moving faster than horse is ridiculous.

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They arent nerfing the broken french.

I would take their announcement literally:

Expect nothing more than that. Probably related to game stability or any other bugs that could give an unfair advantage if leveraged. I’d expect tweaks/minor bug fixes/QOL stuff to come in a larger patch, whenever that will be.


There is an official list of bugs that have been tracked by them and if they are fixed internally already .

You can be quite certain that any of these bugs mentioned is not gonna be in the next patch except for the Mongol TC thing.

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The tc speed is bugged as the tech increases its speed much more than what is intended, so its very likely that it will change and I honestly think it will be enough although moving it to the second age may be a good idea too