Patch Test Maps

what would everyone think about patches and balance changes spending some time on a test map where changes can be tested?

This has several benefits

  1. it allows us to see if proposed balance changes are having the desired effect, thus preventing over nerfing and buffing.
  2. it allows us to see if there is any bugs that need affect gameplay in the patch.
  3. it can allow patches to be more dynamic as changes not having desired impact are discarded, tweaked, or outright changed.
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I would assume something like this exist, behind closed doors already.

In the other hand you can gi and Play some ranked games, every game played was a patch test map…

The real question is, do we want to go trought the extra expenses of open beta every patch or does Microsoft and the devs forgone this and do a smaller scale own testing, ask some pros maybe and call it a day…

Development I imagine, is much faster when less feedback is involved. Basically every game played is open beta. Now we are testing the buff changes of for example teutons, which are hopefully adjusted soon and we give feedback on balance and bugs on this forum, in reddit and in steam.