Patch the important thinks

Hi to all,

Thanks for the long awaited patch.

However, before the AoE-Team invest so much time and resources in new features, the basics must work.

Like the crashes and the ■■■■ matchmaking that compares 2000 Elo to 1200 or less.

It cannot be that a 20-year-old game that was already used as a template and was remastered 1x still caused so many problems.

My opinion is when everything works properly, it is very welcome to invest in new systems such as auto scouting to make it easier for new players.
On the next implement an Auto-economy feature :smiley:

Fixing matchmaking will also save them a lot of frustration.

The Matchmaking balance have together with the system stability the most priority…

What do you think about this?



Agreed. Path finding just seems to be getting worse each time a patch comes out


Absolutely yes. The best QoL improvement is bugfixing!