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This video shows off all the new designs for all the royal guard units and all those from church techs [AoE3] Spotlighting the NEW Visual Designs! (PUP - July Patch) - YouTube

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Big thanks to the devs, really love the new additions and changes. But got some quick questions:

  • Thin Red Line (The Glorious Revolution): Now only applies to Musketeers instead of all Infantry and changes their visuals.

Does anyone know what these changed visuals will look like ??

  • Musketeer / Grenadier cards: Have been renamed to Coldstream Guards, Scots Guards, TEAM Grenadier Guards.

So which ones affect hp, which affect attack?? and do the new highlanders get affected by the “Scots Guard” upgrade or “Thin Red Line” tech??

( for context this painting is called “The Thin Red Line” and depicts Highlanders that look indentical to the new skin )

  • [NEW] Nassau Regiment (III, 1000c): Sends 14 musket-armed Blue Guards and enables them in Forts.

Will Blue Guards be shadow teched in each age afterwards??

  • Napoleonic Era (French Revolution): Now also upgrades Bourbon units to Guard status and turns them into Napoleonic versions.

I’d love to see their new visuals too :blush:

  • Civilization bonus: Hitpoints increase per shipment is now +1% for ships and artillery (2% for everything else).

Is this capped at 25 shipments??

  • [NEW] Wagon Warfare: Fully replaces your Light cavalry units in the Stable with Imperial War Wagons. Costs 400 wood to send.

So south africa is getting german war wagons?? :astonished:

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Any ideas what the Native Scouts change into for the French Revolution?

  • Native Scout:
    • Is upgraded into a mounted lancer unit with greater build limit upon reaching the French Revolution.*

I really want to see what this looks like.


Don’t think that change was in the pup.

I imagine team grenadier guards is the age 2 team musk/gren hp card, of the other 2 1 will be the age 2 attack card and 1 the age 3 combat card.
Highlanders should be effected by all the upgrades as they are tagged like musketeers and that would include the thin red line tech I assume.

Yeah they shadow tech and in imperial they get +25% attack and HP iirc.

I don’t think it’s capped so some cards that you get again in imperial you can send again but infinite shipments never improved hp at all so there is a cap at some point depending which cards you have used.

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I think only the team card affects all “musket infantry”.
The others essentially only affect the “musketeer” unit (like many “cavalry combat” cards only affect specific cavalry units of the respective civ).

Not sure if they will change it.


I don’t think they were functioning on the PUP, but there was a blue-coated French variant of the new Polish Lancer revolutionary unit (Dutch’s Red Lancer is also a variant of that model).

<string _locid="126826">Eclaireur</string>
<string _locid="126827">French mounted scout who knows the area. Good against artillery, infantry and mercenaries.</string>
<string _locid="126580">Foot Carabinier</string>
<string _locid="126581">Napoleonic Musketeer that will defeat enemies of the French republic with his musket and charged grenade launcher attack.</string>
<string _locid="126582">Horse Carabinier</string>
<string _locid="126583">Napoleonic elite Dragoon that performs well in melee combat. Can trample enemies. Good against cavalry and artillery.</string>

I saw the French version of the Polish lancer but I did not see those other units :star_struck: Those Carabinier might be the new Bourbon Units.

Yeah you’re right only the age 2 hp card will effect highlanders, thin red line used to effect them so I guess it depends if it specifically effects musketeers now or has the musket infantry tag. I’d have liked to have used thin red line with them and used advanced arsenal to offset the speed penalty then sent drummers to buff their speed 10% and buff their fire rate.

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If the July update will be in August, then the August update will be in September. Imagine this situation in an endless loop.

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition updates = Déjà vu

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Has anybody noticed how much of a drastic style direction this update seems to have taken the game? There seems to be a sudden stronger emphasis on visual accuracy, particularly around the Napoleonic Wars. What would have prompted this change? Did the developers suddenly get a greenlight to transition the game’s art style away from the original, pre-DE iteration?

The community has been asking for the royal guard upgrade being more than just a 40٪ raise in stats for a long time. Both in terms of visuals and gameplay. They cost 1000w 1000c but really don’t feel like they are worth that many resources.

So they delivered.

In general though, people were asking for Euro civs to not feel so vanilla compared to the dlc civs. So that is what the devs did. European civs have been reworked so that each of them are more unique and at the level of the new dlc civs.

I hope they look at some Asian civs next.


Thats mean no more update. sadly thts is the end of support. not a bad run for these 3yrs.
bye, see u all in AOE3DE:DE 10 yrs later

I get the feeling they’ll announce the horizon on the day of the actual update.


ok I’ve read through it all.

sad about the maigadi nerf. does slightly buff dane guns in a way, so thats not a tremendous issue.

standardized royal guard upgrade costs. thank you, the random numbers were just absurd. this is much better.

otto los artillery buff stands. stupid change for no reason.

British losing 5v is definitely controversial but id say its better than losing 3v. this looks healthier.

friends online status-- I’d bet a large sum of elo that this was the technical problem causing issues and delays.


Totally agree. I hope it works properly as ESO did

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I feel like they just forgot to add it.

They still have this at the end

Please note that this list is subject to change, and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all the known issues we’re tracking. The above is to inform you of the team’s current priorities, which will change as other issues arise or take precedence.

Referring to a list of known issues that isn’t there.

Don’t worry, I don’t think AoE3DE is at the end of it’s lifetime.
Whenever they will eventually make a last patch they would tell us before that it’ll be the last patch but at that point we will likely already know what project the team has been moved to.


The giant grenadier should not cost 3 population. In essence it is a powerful musketeer, not a conventional grenadier, so it should cost more population than a musketeer, but no more than a grenadier. I think it was only broken with the Swedes, but not with other civilizations.


Thanks devs for these changes i requested. They’re competitive cards now (and doppels get a well-deserved buff if only for the late game).

8 Wettin Allies (II): Count increased to 10.

9 Wettin Allies (IV): Count increased to 11.

Polish Winged Hussars (IV): Now delivers 7 Winged Hussars (up from 6).

Zweihänder (IV, Treaty of Westphalia): Also increases Doppelsoldner melee range by +1

Trabants, saxon cuirs, winged hussars… “love free pop for german”


A powerful soldado. And yes, the issue were becominc them trainable and massable. (Germans too).


In essence, its above all a mercenary unit that should be highly ineficient in terms of population, as every mercenary units are.

3 is good to my opinion.

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