Patchnotes up bois


this thread is gonna be loaded, so I just wanna say: Its been a long month.

  • Cree Coureur des Bois, Cree Tracker, Nootka Warchief and Oromo Warrior horse visuals updated.


But what’s the problem with Oromo in the first place?

  • Fixed an issue with several muskets showing anachronistic knife bayonets.

I’ll need to look up every single musketeer skin after the patch drops.


No What’s on the Horizon? huh


So, final update. I see.

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Not surprised.
The fact that this patch even exists and turns out to be big is more surprising to me, because we all know they have some major work to do.

Maybe they will “resume” after they finish AOMR.


Maybe it’ll be added when the patch drops, but now the real wait for the patch to come out starts now :sweat_smile:

So nothing “on the horizon” section…

It’s been good bois


3 Settlers (I): Added to homecity.
5 Settlers (II): Removed from homecity.

Will they ever figure out what to do with these two cards on the brits?

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Eager to pore over these tonight after work. It’s been a proper wait, but I’m glad we finally got here. Slightly worried about the lack of ‘on the horizon’, but we’ll see.


‘The Black Watch (The Glorious Revolution): Now also grants Highlanders hitpoint regeneration, +3 LOS and +1 range. Enables Highlanders in Taverns.’

Yay, Tavern-enabled!


Ha came here to say this, what a great change!

Looks like revnaks win streak will be over ’ * Architects: Can no longer build Outposts and Walls by default.’

Some nice changes I noticed:

The church cards now enable the units to be trained so highlanders for british, irish brigs for spain, black riders for ports etc.

No negative multi for arrow knight vs infantry.

  • Redcoats (IV): Unique Musketeer upgrade improves hitpoints by 35% (from 40%), but damage by 45% (from 40%). Lower hp but now higher damage redcoats, thin red line tech also only effects musks so you can have tanky musks but longbow/ranger remain uneffected.


  • Age 3 attack range increased to 23 (from 20). Huaracas finally useable!

Grapeshot (IV): Now also removes pack-up animation for Organ Guns

  • German Immigrants (I):
    • Settler Wagons are now trainable from the Commerce Age.
    • Delivers a Homestead Wagon.
    • Cost of 200 wood added.
      So now you can send this card and train settler wagons in age 2 like malta can with german tongue.

why did otto and chinese each get multiple buffs?

  • The Roman Centurion hero cosmetic now speaks Latin.



Finally the nootka warchief will be a REAL warchief!


Why did I miss this gem

[NEW] Walloon Guards (IV, Royal Decree To Claim The New World): Sends 14 Fusiliers for 3000c, requires Wild Geese. Enables Fusiliers in Taverns.

Soy isabel de espana

Environmentalism (IV): Tree yield reduced to 400% (from 500%), but now converts the costs of Forest Prowlers and Musket Riders to wood and food.

Damn 100 wood Musket Rider, time to remove that card from deck


Made wild geese age3 and cheaper
Oh boy, whos ready for the double piro. Church pops so fun with otto we had to give the other fast tempo civ it!!

Fr its a fun patch with lots of cool additions and qol. Im not upset. I suspect we got 1 month of some bs then the patch for the patch will balance it and life will be ok. Until then, we got alot of exploring civs to do


That will be fun now instead of just 15 guard halbs I can follow it up with some irish brigadiers. I guess scouting the church will be more important than ever. At least otto got all it’s church techs nerfed.

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I like the rather easy to miss note that techs (i.e. not just the unit unlocks) with the Unique Church techs also add graphic changes (Thin Red Line etc).

Example: Thin Red Line (The Glorious Revolution): Now only applies to Musketeers instead of all Infantry and changes their visuals.

Also, the Battleships get a unique aesthetic touch too.