Pathfinding and How to add friends?

Game Version:

  • Build (36211)
  • Platform (Steam)


  1. Pathfinding issue: there’s plenty of evidence for this in both RM and DM. This is a fix that truly effects the entire game at large. I understand this may take multiple steps or may be a never ending battle, but what are the plans or solutions we will see over the next few months to address this?

  2. Adding Friends: it’s impossible right now without third-third-part help. I can’t add them from the lobby, in-game, nor after game in steams recently played list. What’s the solution other then going third-third-party to facebook or discord to find friend codes?

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Pathfinding: reported prior
  2. Adding Friends: try it…

Can we at least get a copy friend code?