I just wanted to ask, why nobody has mentioned pathfinding with the latest patch. I can’t see or find any recent search results for it on this forum.

My question is, what happened. It’s worse than ever. I’ve had a horrible time with my units during the DLC campaigns. (and online has been not much better)

I had 5 trebuchets, I told them to pack so I could move them. They finished packing and refused to move until I told each one individually to move.

Units are sticking to formation far too long. Even when told to attack things close by they must form up and all of them must be really close to engage.

I’ve had units stuck in infinite loops trying to move somewhere they can’t reach instead of becoming stationary or going to the next way point.

Steam forums have multiple threads about it already. Does nobody on the official forum actually care, or notice the problems? Because every time the developers “improve” the pathfinding, it seems to break in some weird way or just end up worse. It’s an old RTS it’s not going have the pathfinding of say Starcraft 2 where units are like water and will find a way to their destination unless it’s 100% blocked off. It’s frustrating and disappointing.


tbh for me it’s completely unintelligable what currently happens there
i’m not even sure if i would call it “pathing” issues
For me it looks sometimes like bunch of chickens who run in absurd directions without any senseful destination.

I’ve also seen melee units attacking others with no damage dealt at all.

But tbh as mostly Archer player… For me it’s not as much of an issue…


Chickens in a box would describe my Monaspa during the campaign the other day or maybe those ants that stuck going in circles. I told them to move to an enemy town centre. Only 5-10 enemy units scattered about on the way there. They’d stop just before getting to the TC. Back up, turn around and go back the way they came before going nah we can make it this time lads and ran back towards the TC before rethinking the charge and turning around again.I just reloaded the save I had made because I lost so many units just watching them go backwards and forwards.

Before it was the odd glitch or one unit getting frozen in place. Now it’s a regular problem multiple times per mission. At this point I don’t know if it’s the pathfinding or something else entirely to blame.


I’ve seen this issue is mentioned several times in the past 1-2 years. Have seen at least one video proof. I think this bug is rare. Or did it become more frequent after TMR?

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i’ve only seen it once in one of the warlords games
it was remarkable as it was i think 2 scouts attacking a vill which was shortly before dying and both missed their attacks somehow.

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I usually don’t mind the pathfinding, but playing a campaign recently, and my Trebs refused to take the shorter and most obvious way to they target. I had to babysit them manually. There is work on this issue I agree.

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Not just Trebs, everything is taking randomly longer routes. Even when I try to manually correct short trips by clicking closer to the unit to make them move in baby steps they still refuse to move properly.

I feel like I’m flipping coins with if I win or lose battles as well and probably so are my opponents. I had a knight battle. My knights just stood still for a moment and pondered if they should attack the enemy knights or not. This is like a crucial moment. My opponent is doing an all in and I need to match his knights with my own. If not for civ advantage I probably would of lost (having bloodlines vs not).

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Survivalist did a thorough test on his stream. The regroup behavior just became absurd now. When changing direction of units they do a big U-turn :joy:


The new patch “improved” pathing actually made it worse. It is HORRENDOUS now with attack move/micro.
If you try to right click to move, hit stop to let your archer fire, then right click to move again, to micro away from a group of knights, your units will keep doing this stupid group formation shuffle.

This was just one example, but in other cases where you are trying to either run away or chase down an enemy, your units in the front will move to the back of the line or do some shuffle to look pretty instead of moving directly to where you are clicking. This is absurd, an abomination to game play mechanics. Please remove group formation as it will help improve the pathing of this game.


I was optimistic about the new pathfinding and it turned to be pretty mediocre. This is a core aspect of the game that is sadly far from being solved.


Every single addition lately has been mediocre, not only the path finding, just saying.


This has always been the case, since Indian DLC. It’s just this patch making it even worse.

Yeah to kite away you really need to use attack move, despite its delay. I would strongly suggest reverting the nerf to attack move, now that knights can dominate xbow.


I hope they really look into this for next patch and fix whatever is wrong. It’s not some of us being crazy but there some legitimate problems with how units are moving, reacting and responding to commands.

Had a ranked game where I had my scout following some way points while I was doing boar luring stuff, look back to him and he was looping back and forth a bit. Not sure it was as bad as what happened in the campaigns and if it would resolve itself but it happened again.


I’ve tried to use every attack move ways possible. And they are all bad. It is not even close to other RTS games like SC1.

If their idea is to make it more balanced between knights vs xbow by purposely “nerfing” pathing and microing by breaking the game mechanic, it is such a bad idea, utterly asinine.
There are many ways to create a better balance between units. Breaking the game mechanics is not one of them.


“Mediocre” is a such kind, understated word. I would say it is subpair, lack of thoughtfulness, lack of effort. It’s garbage.


Totally agree. It’s a compromise before they fix melee pathing. If it’s a temporary solution, acceptable. But they have not addressed the issue after a year and a half.

And imagine, in a world where Internet delay is no longer a thing, they create an artificial lag. That’s even more annoying.


I only play single player and I’m very critical about Devs later efforts (for example mediocre campaigns or lack of new architecture sets) but in my experience pathfinding is not that horrible. Not optimal yes but not so bad either.
Issues that I’d address are trebs something getting stuck when quickly packing and unpacking (it happens to individual units at times too).
Another one is rams not moving when reaching buildings if sent with a group of other troops through attack move.
The last patch made the regroup formation a bit weird, as already said sometimes units take too much to regroup and do silly U manoeuvres just to regroup.

But apart from this I can’t remember anything else right now. In previous patches units sometimes got stuck a second before attacking while taking enemy fire but since the last fix I didn’t see this anymore. Maybe I was just lucky.
I think all in all the real issue with this game is AI, units controlled by the computer are generally very stupid. Yeah they may have perfect micro but they just send naked trebs against an army or infantry against a castle. In that sense they really look like ants or moths to a flame. But I don’t know if this has anything to do with pathfinding, probably not…


Exactly. If it WERE a temporary thing, just trying to buy themselves time to fix it before releasing a permanent fix, I’d completely understand. But it’s not.
From what I can see, the way they have been handling these fixes and patching is, excuse my language, half assed. They are just being lazy about it, not putting in effort and thoughts into what they do. It’s like they’re doing it just to get people to see that they’re doing something, regardless how the outcome may be. This is just unacceptable.


It’s their unit formation that is messing up the pathing. Like I have said in my of my posts, if they made it an ACTIVE mechanic as oppose to it being passive like it is now, it would help a lot. I do not expect pathing to be 100% perfect. That’s just not realistic. But at least don’t make our units do U turns, dancing around like idiots trying to look pretty while dying to enemy in the heat of the battle.

I swear, if I record this and post this to another group of game dev, they will laugh their pants off.

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This IS horrible. Maybe it doesn’t affect casual play, but for competitive play it’s game-breaking.

An example (Viper didn’t land a badaboom but he commented on how disastrous the regroup could be)