Peak example of regroup impact (volume warning):


There ARE some posts that complain about path-finding. But it’s true that few seem to care, probably tired because of having not got any update of this from MS about their process, or progress.

BTW I don’t want to derail this topic, only respectfully remind that we’re somewhat responsible for this. Why? We bought RoR meaning we’re okay that MS denied the existence of AoE DE. We bought the latest DLC meaning we accepted the overpriced laziness. Instead, we could’ve used our soft power to make them really focus on the matter at hand: “Hold those DLCs, just try to improve pathing first”. I never asked for RoR, and I believe that many people didn’t too.
Still, hopefully they’ll patch this long-standing problem, but hardly soon.


My off topic response to this, you don’t have to imagine it. It’s real and it’s guarded. If you get to the Island, the people there kill you.

They have not see other humans after the ice age ended I believe apart from the odd washed up ship wreck survivor and a few vain attempts at communication and research before access was blocked off by the Indian Navy.

I don’t believe this line of thinking. They have developers working on different things. Artist can’t fix the pathing for example.

We’re in a situation where our continued support means the continued support of the game by developers. So we’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t.

I’m not sure what the idea was behind RoR, I wish they could give us a why to that question, I enjoyed the campaigns that came with it. Romans while not entirely accurate to the time period, they are a fun addition to the game. My issue is who is it aimed at? If it was aimed at AoE1 DE players which I think are few, then it probably should of been a standalone product, especially because AoE1 is still popular in Vietnam, which is why they added Lac Viet. The added features might be seen as a good thing. If we ever get an answer it’s going to be from an ex-dev 5 years from now or something.

Yes they have different teams working on different aspects. That’s why I said “MS” not “devs” as in referring to bosses. Perhaps the senior staff does not prioritize this atm or idk. Anyway I guess perhaps after they collect enough money from selling DLCs to pay for those who handle these kinds of problem, we’ll get a proper fix :pinched_fingers:. Meanwhile enjoy.

Maybe we should ask for DLC with fixed pathing :thinking: maybe this is the way. “Are you tired of your units moving back when you command them to move forward? We got you, just with this brand new DLC for 15$”.

I’m waiting for fixed pathing since release of Return of Rome. At this point, I could buy DLC with new pathing anyway… :joy:


There is no such thing. The same pathing algorithm always applies to everyone.

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xbox battlepass $9.99 for pathing issue, $15.99 for better pathing only for 30 days


The guy in the video asked, “why did they go back but when you when click them to go in?”
Because the game apparently likes to make useless unit formation that breaks pathing even more. 1111

His hussar: "who cares about listening to your commands and killing the enemy archers. I want to look pretty in formations okayyyyy? And I don’t want to risk my life either mmmm ########

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Yes there are some hostile tribes out there. But the truth is, not all remote places will automatically murder you and cannibalize you on the spot lol

Most of the so called remote tribes have had some form of human interaction with the outside world now a days. Shoot, I’ve seen this one tribe who were trading stuff and they were smoking cigarettes

ROLF I love this!

Careful now, it might be another “brilliant” idea from MS. Let’s make our AOE 2 players pay premium, just for only $19.99 a month, you can have perfect, normal pathing again.

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I don’t understand how AoE2 HD’s pathfinding is so much better than in DE, or why it was acceptable to release updates to DE that broke pathfinding so badly.


I took a long break from AOE before playing DE. I was so surprised by the unit control when I played DE and that it felt so off from what I remembered. I never felt in the CD days that it was that bad that it needed to be reimplemented.


yea it was that bad specifically because they re-implemented, or at least thats what I was told. not sure why but if it ain’t broke dont fix it.

110% agree. We vote every day with our dollar and what we choose to purchase. By accepting the pretty dumb blonde that they offered, we ignored the lack of diligence that was needed for this game.

If I were to spend 15 USD on this game, it would go directly to better QoL and bug fixing instead of some new stupid buggy DLC, all day, any day.

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Good point and question. I can come up with a few possible reasons, but they’re only speculations.

One is that too many people complained about how archers can easily out micro and dominate knights. So bad pathing/shuffling was introduced.

Another is, someone had the “brilliant” idea that unit formation and making the game look pretty is somehow more important than the functionality of the game, you know, units actually listen to what you command and be responsive.

At this point I would honestly pay $14.99 for a pure pathfinding DLC which has no new features, but just fixes the bugging out units for everyone. Or even just reverts back to 2019 pathfinding. Anything is better than the trash we have right now.


No guys, let’s not cross this fence. I think pathfinding and other technical issues are DUE for free. I mean, you already pay for new content DLC and you need to pay again for actually being able to play it properly?
Let’s not give Microsoft some strange ideas lol. I should never be put in the position to choose between paying for new content or for a decent pathfinding.


People are joking.

You can’t sell a feature that’s core to the game. People that don’t buy it can’t play online anymore or have a disadvantage? Yeah, no that’s not happening. Missing a few civs, whatever. Having your game be entirely worse, awful.

Surprised this thread continues, though I think half of it is Avocet, man is on a mission.


you would be surprised what corporate can do to milk. it might not happen to aoe2 but its happening to other stuff out there

If my Aoe 2 DE career had any sort of meaning, let it be known that I, in some miniscule way, helped turn the tides for better pathing.
But no seriously, I will not rest until something is done with pathing and unit formation, same with anyone who cares enough about the game IMO. It has soo much potential, soo much good nostalgia.