Pathing (again)

Pathing was supposedly “fixed” or “improved” on DE, so why does this happen all the time ?

I know I was in stand ground in this clip, but I get the same result in agressive stance. It’s even worse when you mix in some patrol or stand ground patrol.

Knights and eagles should never get shredded by an equal amount of xbows.

Make melee units great again :unamused:

It’s certainly not improved. Melee units have not behaved correctly in DE since a little bit before release (they did work at one time in the beta). What’s worse is that melee units will still freeze sometimes and not do anything (move or attack).

That being said, you retasking them isn’t helping :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It would actually be better to split your knights, use your speed and surround the archers with the now two separate groups.


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These videos don’t work for me.
In Chrome I see a frozen screenshot. In Firefox I see “No video with supported format and MIME type found”.

hmm that’s weird, they work fine on Chrome for me, they just take a while to load if your connection is not the best

Not a connection problem. I can only see the 2nd video through the link.

This pathing though… totally broken since the March update.